Sponsor Licence Success Stories

Reinstatement of Sponsor Licence for a care home / domiciliary care service


It’s a formidable challenge for UK employers to stay compliant with the ever-changing landscape of UK immigration laws and manoeuvre the complexities of sponsor licence requirements. To mitigate the challenges related to this licence, we at A Y & J Solicitors specialise in pivoting potential crises into victories. We provide dedicated and proactive client support. This specific story spotlights our recent achievements in reinstating the sponsor licence for an esteemed organisation within the Health & Social Care sector, referred to here as “ABC Resourcing Ltd”*, to protect client confidentiality. 

The Challenge

The major challenge was that the Home Office suspended the “ABC Resourcing Ltd” sponsor licence due to doubts about the authenticity of their job vacancies and financial instability. This was a devastating situation for them, severely affecting their overall business operations. Their capability to continue sponsoring overseas talents who were crucial for the growth of their business was at high risk. It also impacts their reputation in the global business community. 

Strategic Legal Representation

Comprehensive Response to Compliance Allegations

We at A Y & J Solicitors were contacted by ABC Resourcing Ltd. to tackle the severe allegations made by the Home Office in their suspension letter. We conducted extensive research to understand the gravity of the situation. To resolve their problem and safeguard their sponsor licence from suspension, we implemented an integrated approach.

  • Detailed Documentation and Evidence Submission: To diminish the doubts of the Home Office regarding compliance issues, we submitted a comprehensive document. It includes a detailed chart of all the positions filled by overseas employees, a duty roaster of all the migrant employees, an extensive written justification for recruitment levels and an extensive clarification of the correctness of used SOC codes. We also provided substantial documentary evidence of employees’ past workplace, their historic and current contact details and residential addresses. 
  • Clear Demonstrations of Financial and Operational Integrity: In response to the allegations of financial instability, we provided all the essential supporting documents to demonstrate ABC Resourcing Ltd’s financial stability. Additionally, we presented sufficient evidence that the organisation meets the salary requirements of their overseas employees. 
  • Legal Arguments and Advocacy: Our legal team successfully addressed the Home Office’s concerns and presented strong arguments establishing the legality of our client’s business practices and their compliance with immigration law.
  • Assisting the Authorising Officer:  During our review, we identified that they were not in line with the reporting conditions. They missed out on one of the mandatory requirements of a sponsor licence holder. We updated their Sponsor Management system with all the latest information on their migrant workers. 
  • Reviewing and addressing employment contract issues: During our compliance check, we found discrepancies in their Sponsored Migrant Workers (SMW) employment contract. They did not follow the rules and regulations as a sponsor licence holder. However, we identified those problems and resolved them with immediate effect.  

Successful Outcome

After a thorough review of our detailed submissions and active engagement with the Home Office, “we were successful in having ABC Resourcing Ltd’s supporting licence reinstated.” 

Ongoing Commitment and Future Preparedness

As part of our comprehensive services, we have also provided ongoing compliance support to “ABC Resourcing Ltd” to ensure their operations comply with UK immigration law and reduce the risk of future challenges. Our goals extend beyond handling immediate issues to developing systems to remain compliant and efficient. 


The reinstatement of ABC Resourcing Ltd sponsor licence stands as testament to AY&J Solicitors’ skill, dedication and client-focused approach. Our ability to tackle complex legal challenges.” Take the job and we make sure they get the best results with our clients in particular their business.” They take it away. there are. The ability to think peacefully. 

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