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On May 27, 2024 | By A Y & J Solicitors

Mrs Y, a Mongolian national and resident, sought a long-term visitor visa to the UK to visit her family, including her daughter and granddaughters, who were British nationals and residents of the UK. She had previously traveled to the UK on a short-term visitor visa, complying with all conditions and returning to Mongolia at the end of her stay. Her immigration history showed no issues that would justify refusing her long-term visa application. Additionally, she had strong ties to her family in the UK. The key point in her application was her desire to support her eldest granddaughter, who had recently suffered a miscarriage. Mrs Y other granddaughter also suffered from severe autism and she only had her mother to care for her. So, she wanted to come to the UK to assist her daughter and spend time with her granddaughter during this time.  The applicant’s daughter, on the other hand, found it difficult to visit Mongolia as her child had autism and she was not able to spend time with her mother in Mongolia.

Consequently, the applicant’s long-term visitor visa was approved.

Applicant Seeks Expert Assistance for Long term Visit Visa to visit her daughters.

Mrs Y sought a 10-year long term visa to visit her daughters and granddaughters in the UK and was concerned about the approval due to the duration of the visa she wanted. However, we at A Y & J Solicitors assured her that with genuine intentions and relevant supporting documents, she has a chance of success in obtaining her visa.

Full Assessment Conducted by Our Experts Reveals Strategy for Successful Long Term Visitor Visa Application

After a full assessment of Mrs. Y’s situation, we noted that her previous short-term visitor visa added favorably to her application. We advised Mrs. Y to apply for a 10-year long-term visitor visa and provided her with a thorough document checklist to support her application. We recommend initially applying for a 6-month visitor visa, adhering to all rules and regulations, and returning to the home country to establish a good immigration history. For a long-term visitor visa, it’s crucial to demonstrate strong ties to the country of residence and have a stable financial income to support travel over the next ten years. It’s also important to note that one cannot stay in the UK for more than six months at a time.

In Mrs. Y’s case, she had strong ties to Mongolia, a stable rental income from various properties, and a deep personal connection to her home country where she had lived her entire life. She had no desire to leave Mongolia permanently, especially given her husband’s grave there. We guided her in collating the relevant documents and explained what was necessary for a successful application. We also drafted detailed statements explaining her intentions. With our proper guidance and assistance, Mrs. Y’s application was successful, and she was granted a 10-year long-term visa to the UK.

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