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About Yash Dubal

Founder & Director A Y & J Solicitors, Yash Dubal is a successful lawyer and a dedicated entrepreneur. He is a leading speaker, innovator, and amongst very few lawyers who are pathbreakers in enhancing and creating further awareness in all immigration law matters with his webinars and videos, beyond office windows.
His passion and dedicated hard work is evident in the company’s growth and award-winning stride. His unparalleled research skills and willingness to lead by example make him a compassionate leader.

His vision and clarity to build equal opportunities by helping those who want to make their sparkling presence in the UK can be seen in his most simplified and easily understood resources through powerful, productive, and value-creating webinars. His work addresses individual needs with honesty, equality, approachability, reliability, professionalism, and helpfulness.
Yash is a dynamic individual and actively contributes to social work. He has run various marathons and completed multi-terrain runs for supporting causes like the British Red Cross and Pratham, organisation supporting disadvantaged children in providing education in India.

He deeply understands the struggles and aspirations of immigrants and has been tirelessly working to solidify their growth through various webinars, seminars in partnership with various reputed organisations.


Sponsor Licence

To have a business alone is not enough. With rising global trends and competition to sustain in the global market requires fresh, unique, skilled talent to work with you to become a unifying force in expanding your presence globally. The importance of the Sponsor licence is the talk of the UK market today.
Yash Dubal and the team of experts at A Y & J Solicitors are credible, competent, and caring professionals. A Y & J Solicitors have helped thousands of people over the course of 10 years to migrate to the UK to fulfill their dreams.
Yash’s expertise in Sponsor licence has helped companies gain clarity on the nitty-gritty of the process. Yash has been regularly conducting webinars and seminars to update the audience on the know-how of the sponsor licence. His easy, approachable, and simplified sessions have attracted individuals from various fields like sports, IT, bio-chemicals, etc. He has helped many businesses in the UK acquire a sponsor licence so they can complete their dream teams by hiring the best talent from the world.

Global Talent Visa

Global Talent Visa is a UK immigration category for talented individuals from the field of arts, humanities,and STEM, who are looking to work in the UK.

The UK is the 5th largest economy in the world and an epicenter of rising opportunities for skilled talents. A Y & J Solicitors bridges the gap between opportunity and lack of guidance and helps talented individuals take the smooth ride to the Global Talent Visa process hassle-free.
Yash regularly speaks at tech events and conducts webinars and seminars to constantly aware and update those who are seeking Global Talent Visa. His unparalleled research skills and knowledge in arts, humanities, and STEM make his audience resonate with him.

Many individuals have benefited from the sharp dedication and results that A Y & J team has shown. The expert guidance of Yash has helped thousands of individuals to make more informed decisions. His constant effort has always been towards knowledge transfer and helps talented individuals reach heights in their careers globally.

Sole Rep Visa

Sole Representative Visa allows business firms to undertake the specific task of setting up their branch or subsidiary in the UK market.
Once you have a Sole Representative visa you can operate your business freely in the UK.

Yash Dubal and the expert professionals at A Y & J Solicitors have a 10-year-old legacy and award-winning excellence that has helped many Businesses to seek the correct understanding of obtaining Sole Rep Visa. Their advisory team goes through all the requirements on your behalf and provides you clear guidance and support.

Yash Dubal has conducted many webinars, videos, and consultations extensively covering all immigration law-related matters for small to large businesses to build a backbone in the UK market and expand their presence. His expert resources include dedicated consultation to the business owners to help them understand they can apply and fully utilise Sole Rep Visa.

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