A news agents applies and obtains Sponsor Licence to sponsor a Manager
July 05, 2021

Mr X has owned and run one of the oldest newsagents on his local high street for almost a decade. Having recently refurbished the store, he has been working on steadily expanding the range of products available and growing his business. Mr X’s wife supports him with the day-to-day operations but following an accident she…

A start up IT consultancy firm secures Skilled Worker sponsor licence
July 01, 2021

Mr and Mrs X are the Directors of a start-up IT consultancy. With virtual business model, the company has no physical UK office and employs a number of offshore employees who work in technical services and operations. Mr and Ms X approached us for assistance to obtain a sponsor licence in order to sponsor skilled…

A software consultancy fee receives its Sponsor Licence
June 28, 2021

Mr X is the Director of a Software Consultancy firm which has been running for almost a decade. At the cutting edge of technology, the company has been steadily enhancing its business services and has widened its reach of clients from the Aerospace& Defence sector to Financial Services, Retail and Healthcare. Mr X approached us…

A small restaurant secures sponsor licence without a Home Office compliance visit
June 20, 2021

Ms X founded her restaurant and bar driven by her passion for good quality authentic local cuisine. Her business has grown over the years, largely by word-of-mouth; customers travel far and wide to experience her excellent service and tasty food. Building the business from scratch, Ms X has completed a successful premises renovation and is…

Successful Application for Skilled Worker Visa from a Sponsor who was related to the Applicant
May 11, 2021

Background We were instructed to prepare for a Skilled Worker visa application for a migrant worker who was based in the UAE. The applicant received an offer of employment for the position of Sales Consultant from a family member in the UK and requires assistance on the Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) and his visa application….

tier 2 sponsor licence
April 10, 2020

Background A care home, Company A, with over 800 employees serving clients around London lost their Tier 2 Sponsor Licence following a compliance visit from the home office. Company A was established over 20 years ago in the care industry had three non-EEA employees who were on a Tier 2 visa.  All three employees were…