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How did A Y & J Solicitors help the UK Branch of the US IT Company? 

How did A Y & J Solicitors help the UK Branch of the US IT Company? 

On November 08, 2022 | In Sponsor Licence | By A Y & J Solicitors

Mr X is the Director of an IT consultancy. The company specialises in software development and IT training services and is the UK subsidiary of a US company. 

Having steadily grown from a single employee, to a being almost 20-strong within a short period, the UK subsidiary is currently thriving.

Mr X works closely with the overseas US parent company and although he is responsible for the direct day-to-day management of the business, the outputs and deliverables are reviewed by the US company.

On the back of a strong impetus from the US Head Office to drive forward growth and recruitment, Mr X approached us for assistance to obtain a sponsor licence in order to increase the business’ capacity for recruitment of top talent, including US nationals/ non-British US based staff.

How did A Y & J Solicitors help the UK Branch of the US IT Company? 

A Y & J Solicitors’ team of UK immigration lawyers provided Mr X with comprehensive information on how to achieve the business aims, including a clear plan and strategy for obtaining a sponsor licence, with a view to sponsoring candidates already identified as suitable to join the UK team.


Keeping the processes simple and straightforward, we advised on all the necessary requirements to secure a Skilled Worker sponsor licence.

During the application, Mr X had many questions about the impact of the involvement of the US entity (who are party to various client contracts). Mr X was also keen for clear advice on how to manage and record sponsored workers, where they would be working on third party client contracts (between the UK business and their clients).

We guided in detail on the requirements, being very careful to explain in clear terms what is permissible and any risk factors for this type of business. 

With the full picture of what to expect as sponsor, detailed understanding of record-keeping requirements and concise training on all the sponsor duties, Mr X was satisfied that he could comply with his sponsor duties, once licenced on the register of sponsors.

The Result 

Mr X’s sponsor licence application was approved within the stated service standards and the company was awarded an A-Rating. Mr X has stayed in touch with A Y & J Solicitors to process his next CoS and skilled worker visa applications.

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