Successful Sponsor Licence Application for a Logistics and Warehousing Company

Successful Sponsor Licence Application for a Logistics and Warehousing Company

Mr X is the Director of a logistics and warehousing company and has been operating in the UK since 2016. During this time, Mr X has built a reliable and trusted brand when it comes to offering shipping, storing and staging solutions, for individuals, business owners and large corporations.

Since it’s inception, the business has gone from strength to strength, with their ambition to expand and become one of the leading local business in their field, with the hope of going nationwide. By insisting on the best standards, the company has maintained a steady and successful period of growth.

Mr X had faced a recurring issue with turnover of staff which needed addressing, but also knew that hiring someone who could potentially help the company build an online presence would enable him to extend his business nationwide. Their immediate plan is to strengthen the workforce by hiring eligible candidates and be able to sponsor overseas staff in order. The company wishes to continue providing services to companies in UK but at the same time build and improve on our existing operational portfolio. 

Mr X contacted A Y & J Solicitors to assist him in obtaining a Sponsor Licence, which in turn would enable him to find the perfect fit for his company. Not only would he be able to extend his job search globally, but hiring someone as a Skilled Worker would also mean that individual would be less likely to leave the company.

Do you have a way to calculate the sponsor licence UK cost?

Yes! Use our calculator below to calculate your sponsor licence visa cost.

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How did A Y & J help the logistics and warehousing company owner?

Mr X has an extremely busy schedule, having to balance both work and family life and given the nature of his business, Mr X often finds himself on the move. A Y & J Solicitors provided Mr X with a clear plan and strategy for obtaining a Sponsor Licence, providing ongoing reassurance and support, enabling Mr X to achieve his business goals.

Mr X was worried that his status in the UK, not being British but having Indefinite Leave to Remain, in addition to not having a physical business premises would affect his ability to obtain a licence. A Y & J were able to clarify any concerns Mr X had, ensuring that Mr X understood the relevant guidance, advised on all information and paperwork required resulting in a seamless application process.

Mr X was also worried that the types of jobs on offer may not meet the Skilled Worker requirement and feared he may have to create ‘higher paying’ positions to satisfy the requirements. A Y & J reassured Mr X that as long as he was offering a genuine position and we had documents to evidence this, then his application would be considered genuine.

The Result

Keeping the process simple and straightforward, knowing how busy Mr X is, we advised on all the necessary requirements, prepared a comprehensive bundle to send to the Home Office and Mr X was subsequently granted a Sponsor Licence.

Mr X has continued to use A Y & J’s assistance for the next steps in the process, namely assistance with the Sponsor Management System and Skilled Worker visa applications.

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