Successful Sponsor Licence Application for a Fast-Food Franchise

Successful Sponsor Licence Application for a Fast-Food Franchise

Ms X is the Director of a food franchise business, based in greater Manchester, who recently acquired a well-known fast-food restaurant, which had been operating for around 5 years. As a result of time, effort and practical business experience, Ms X has developed the business to be a successful fast-food and casual dining business.

Given their vision to continue to grow and expand, in addition to being in such a competitive sector, it is essential that her business can rely on the most competent and qualified professionals. The recent pandemic has had a huge impact on the hospitality and food industry and Ms X wanted to ensure her business had everything in place to give it the best chance of thriving.

Ms X was already employing migrants who were in the UK with a visa due to expire. She knew that obtaining a Sponsor Licence would be the next step in fulfilling the company’s growth and contacted A Y & J Solicitors to provide assistance in obtaining one.

Do you have a way to calculate the sponsor licence UK cost?

Yes! Use our calculator below to calculate your sponsor licence visa cost.

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How did A Y & J help the fast-food business owner?

Ms X has an extremely busy schedule with many of her work commitments in the far-east, meaning A Y & J Solicitors had to provide a comprehensive, hand-holding service to ensure that Ms X was able to continue with her other commitments, with minimal hassle. We provided Ms X with a clear plan for each step of the process, as well as ongoing support, answering questions and alleviating any concerns Ms X had with regards to her application.

Ms X’s biggest concern was the jobs on offer would not be skilled enough and that her business had only been operating for less than 6 months. We provided Ms X with a comprehensive breakdown of the guidance with relation to job specifications, as well as compiling supporting evidence to demonstrate her need for a Sponsor Licence – including a detailed cover letter.

In addition to assisting Ms X with her company’s Sponsor Licence application, we also provided a compliance service, detailing what Ms X needs to have in place, as well as the actions she will need to take to remain compliant with the Home Office.

The Result

Ms X’s sponsor licence application was approved in line with the standard processing times and the company is now an A-Rated sponsor.

Ms X has continued to use the services of A Y & J Solicitors to help with the allocation increase of Certificates of Sponsorship, as well as helping her prospective migrants with their Skilled Worker visa applications.

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