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Indefinite Leave to Remain UK 10 Years

Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) application can be made if you have been living legally in the UK for 10 or more continuous years. Unfortunately, the British government has sought to make it increasingly difficult for migrants to obtain Indefinite Leave to Remain, especially for those applying under the long residency route. From arbitrarily refusing applicants due to a historical mistake on their tax form, to turning down applications which contain the simplest error, it has become increasingly challenging for those who dream of settlement in the UK to achieve it.

At A Y & J Solicitors, our team have an in-depth understanding of ILR requirements and achieve an incredibly high success rate for our clients. By instructing us, you can be confident that your application will be managed with high professionalism and care.

What Are the Requirements for Obtaining Indefinite Leave to Remain – Long Residency?

To successfully apply for ILR under the long residency route, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have lived in the UK lawfully continuous for at least ten years
  • Kept to the terms of your visas
  • Show proof of your English language proficiency:
    • Nationality from an English-speaking country
    • OR An accepted English language degree
    • OR Successfully passing an accredited English language test
  • Pass the ‘Life in the UK’ test
  • Meet the ‘continuous residency’ requirements

If you do not meet the above eligibility criteria, you may be able to extend your leave. Our expert immigration lawyers can assist you with exploring options. It is important to note that ILR status can be revoked if you live outside the UK for more than two years.

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How Do I Apply for ILR 10 Years Long Residence Visa

To apply for ILR under the long residence route, you need to fill in Form SET(LR) and send it to UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), along with the required supporting documents listed above and your biometric information.

Applications for ILR can be made online or by filling specified paper form. It is important to have all information in your application accurate, and applicable to your case. You must pay a fee to apply, and you do not get a refund if you are rejected. Common reasons for rejection include:

  • Incorrect or insufficient documentation
  • Incorrect or incomplete application

Our lawyers will assist you with your ILR application, advising you from beginning to end. We can include a strong covering letter (i.e. Legal Representation) with your application highlighting the merits of your case and any special circumstances that need to be addressed. This can greatly enhance your chance of having your ILR 10 Years Long Residence application approved.

What Documents Do I Need to Provide When Applying for ILR?

You will need to provide the following documents when applying for ILR (Note: This is not an exhaustive list):

  • Your passport
  • Any previous travel documents
  • Evidence of your current leave to remain (i.e. your visa)
  • List of all absences from the UK during last 10 years
  • Proof you meet the English language requirement and have passed the Life in the UK test
  • If you have lost your passport / travel document during last 10 years, then various documentary evidence to prove your stay in the UK

What Are the Benefits of an Indefinite Leave to Remain Visa?

The Indefinite Leave to Remain provides you and your family the opportunity to advance your secure status in the UK. Those with ILR can live and work in the UK, free from visa restrictions. You can also leave the UK without the fear of not being allowed to return.

Our lawyers are very familiar with the application process for this route and have successfully helped many grateful clients navigate through the process. From the initial consultation until you receive decision on your application, we are ready to help and make the process positive and hassle-free.

What Can I Do if My Application for ILR 10 Years Long Residence is Refused?

ILR refusals can be devastating. Our expert team can move swiftly to advise you on your options available when your application is refused. Options include resubmitting your ILR application, applying for Judicial Review, or launching an appeal if the option is available. We will advise you on the best steps to take depending on your specific circumstances.

To be eligible for ILR under 10 years Long Residency, you must meet the continuous residency requirements. This means that you cannot have been outside the UK for more than 540 days in last 10 years claim period. There are exceptions to this rule in compelling and compassionate circumstances, but you should be careful and diligent explaining your absences from the UK. Your lawyers can help on this. Read More here.

You can apply to extend your leave by filling in form FLR(LR). You may receive notice within eight weeks as to whether or not your application has been successful. UKVI can also contact you if there are complexities surrounding your application, for example, if they require you to attend an interview. If you are called in for an interview, our team will assist you with preparing for the event by running through the questions you are likely to be asked by immigration officials.

A Y & J Solicitors’ Review

Hello. If you are struggling with any immigration issues, I can strongly recommend A Y & J Solicitors. One phone call we made to them on Jan 2018 has changed our lives. We thought of going back to India when we got a refusal for ILR, it was due to a tax amendment, but after speaking to Yash, they provided with a best option in making a fresh application. Took over our case in the last week of January and with in 5 months we got the result. We will never forget the mental stress we have gone through ,as the first application we made was in September 2016 and after waiting for 1.5 years got a refusal. That is when we found A Y & J Solicitors. We can’t thank enough AY & J for the support, assurance, value and respect they give to the clients. We dealt with Yash, Waleed, Zareen and Sok Wei regarding our case. All the team of A Y & J Solicitors are very good at the communication and I have seen the clear difference of this after we moved to them from our previous solicitors. I would like to request all the readers: please guys if you are struggling with any immigration issues, please give them a call. They will give you a straight answer on analysing the case. I know how hard it is to cope up with the stress in immigration issues. Would definitely recommend them. I hope they succeed in all the future cases and see much more success.

Me and my wife would like to take this opportunity in thanking A Y & J Solicitors for the very efficient and professional way they handled our case. From the very beginning, they guided us in the correct direction. Finally, I received my settlement visa and I am much confident Diana will do everything to sort out my wife’s visa as my wife’s case is complex than my one. Things I like about A Y & J Solicitors are top end professional service, approachability, reliability, and honesty. I would definitely recommend to anyone who has complex immigration situation without any hesitation.

A Y & J managed my ILR (10 Years) application and I am extremely happy with the professional approach and the level of service received. There was a technical Abstruseness with the application but they pointed it out efficiently. Special thanks to Yash Dubal And Waleed Hussain for being extremely supportive during the entire application process and making sure that the application submitted had a good presentation. I would definitely use A Y & J Solicitors again for any future immigration needs and highly recommend them for professional and reliable immigration service

Success Story on SET (LR) - Long Residency

On March 03, 2018 | In ILR / Settlement Application | By
A Y & J Solicitors

Successful Indefinite Leave to Remain Application for Foreign Diplomat

Foreign Diplomat Submits a Settlement (Indefinite Leave to Remain) in the UK A Y & J Solicitors were instructed by one of our clients with Diplomatic status in the UK to proceed with an Indefinite Leave to Remain/settlement application in the UK. Mr M consulted us after being referred by a previous client and his…

Video on SET (LR) - Long Residency

Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) Visa UK
ILR-Long Residence (LR)

Diplomat with unique history qualifies for Settlement

Our Success Story – Indefinite Leave to Remain for Diplomat

We are a specialised UK immigration law firm.

This video is about ILR or Settlement application. I will be sharing a case study on a long residency.

If you have completed ten years continuous lawful residence in the UK then you may qualify for settlement / permanent residency in the UK.

You wish to continue your stay or prefer to be settled in the UK for various reasons including but not limited to the better law and order situation, sense of safety & security, finest democratic environment, excellent justice system, better life style in a very well-developed country.

A non-exhaustive requirement to qualify for this application shall be ten years of continuous lawful residence, Life in the UK test, English Language qualification, no criminal conviction and any other requirement based on the relevant immigration rules at the time of application.

Let me share our recent success.

A very high profile, NON-EU permanent diplomat, I would call him here as ‘Mr FM’ who instructed us for his settlement application. He was exempt from immigration control for more than ten years in the UK with a diplomatic status valid during the period of his employment. Though he was exempt from immigration control, he was not settled or permanent residence in the UK.

We provided a complete hand holding support to achieve a positive outcome for this client.
Mr FM was benefited with his highly desirable Permanent Residency (i.e. Indefinite leave to remain or Settlement) in the UK.

Complicating factors to consider for this case were:

Number 1 – Mr FM was a very busy, high profile diplomat with very limited time resources for his Immigration application.
Number 2 – Mr FM was on a diplomatic visa (i.e. exempt from immigration control). Therefore, his application could not have been considered straight away under his visa category.

We managed to conquer all above challenges successfully for our client. This was only possible due to our:

1. Strong understanding the UK immigration rules on Long Residency.
2. Our close relationship with niche barristers who are specialised in the UK immigration rules.
3. A strong, innovative legal team with a positive outlook to assist our client.

The expert team at A Y & J Solicitors has had success with gaining Indefinite leave to remain for clients in a variety of challenging circumstances. We were able to obtain settlement also known as Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) for these clients using our experience, expertise and innovative mindset. We have secured future for honest, hard-working people as a result of our expertise and determination.

If you require our assistance in relation to ILR or Settlement application, please contact us today. Our contact details are at the bottom of the video. We are happy to help. Thank you.

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