Successful application for a UK standard visitor visa for 11 months for an applicant who was refused twice before

Successful application for a UK standard visitor visa for 11 months for an applicant who was refused twice before

On December 13, 2021 | In Visitor Visa Success Stories | By A Y & J Solicitors


Mrs A and her husband Mr B planned to come to the UK to receive IVF treatment, and the treatment will be up to 11 months. Mrs A has 3 sisters in the UK who will provide her with financial support and accommodation in the UK. Mrs A applied for a UK visitor visa twice before, and both of the applications were refused because the Home Office was not satisfied with her financial circumstances in her home country. In order to get a positive result, one of her sisters instructed us to assist with the applications for Mrs and her husband. 

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How we helped

For the application to be successful, the key points are to show that their purpose of visiting the UK is genuine, they will leave the UK at the end of their treatment, and they are able to support themselves during their trip. Most importantly, we have to provide sufficient evidence to show that both Mrs A and Mr B have strong social and economic ties in their home country, and they will return at the end of their trip.

During the preparation, we came across that Mrs A also received income from her own business and rental income from the property owned by her, except for the income of her employment.  2 of Mrs A’s sisters confirmed that they would pay for their medical treatment and the 3rd one confirmed that Mrs A and Br B could stay with her and her family at her home

After gathering all the information, we prepared a comprehensive checklist outlining all the documents required. Mrs A provided birth certificates showing the genuine relationship between herself and her sisters and a marriage certificate as evidence of the relationship between Mrs A and Mr B. Both of them provided evidence of their employment and a letter from their employer confirming that they were given a 11-month leave for their medical treatment in the UK. 

In terms of Mrs A’s other economic ties, Mrs A was also self-employed; however she was running her business using her own personal account. We helped Mrs A to gather all the documents that she could get to prove her income from this business, including the registration certificate and other relevant documents. In terms of her rental income, we provided proof of ownership and a tenancy agreement. We also helped Mrs A to provide a detailed explanation in relation to her economic circumstances that would help the Home Office to have a better understanding and strengthen her application.

When we were reviewing Mrs A’s personal bank statements, we came across that there were many transactions paid into her account during the last six months. We helped her to provide a letter of explanation addressing the purpose of each transaction and provided relevant documents to back up her explanation. 

Mrs A’s sisters provided their tenancy agreement, bank statements and letters confirming their intention to provide financial support and accommodation. The clinic also provided a letter confirming their treatment. 


We helped Mrs A  and Mr B to complete the forms, book an appointment to enrol biometrics and upload all the documents beforehand. There was a delay, but eventually, their applications were approved within 2 months. 

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