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Mr A has been in the UK for more than five years as a work permit holder and Tier 2 General migrant. He came to us two weeks before his leave to remain was due to expire, wishing to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain. As a Tier 2 General migrant with an annual earning of less than £35,000, he thought he would be exempt from the minimum earnings threshold as he was previously a work permit holder. However, assessment of this matter with our up-to-date immigration knowledge determined he would not be exempt from the minimum earnings threshold due to the circumstances of his immigration history. Using this criterion, he was not eligible for settlement under Tier 2 General.

A Y & J Solicitors Find Expert Solution When Client Doesn’t Qualify for  5-Year ILR

During our review of his immigration history, we determined that Mr A had an alternative option—applying for Long Residence on the basis of 10-year lawful continuous residency in the UK. We advised Mr A to make a settlement application on the basis of Long Residence in the UK and he instructed us to proceed with representing him and preparing his application.

Expired Passport Issue Resolved with Creative Solution in Settlement (ILR) Application

Another challenge for Mr A was that his passport had already expired and he could not provide a valid passport as his identity document to support this application. There was no way he could have his passport renewed in time as his leave to remain was due to expire.

Upon fact-finding, we advised Mr A to use an alternate valid identity document, and we had the identity document translated by a certified translator in time for his application.

Upon fact-finding, we advised Mr A to use an alternate valid identity document, and we had the identity document translated by a certified translator in time for his application.

We also instructed Mr A regarding the specifics of all required documents for the settlement application. We represented his settlement application with Home Office and the alternate identity document was accepted as a valid document.

Right Advice lead to Successful Indefinite Leave to Remain Application

Despite the challenges, Mr A’s settlement application was successful. Had he not sought professional advice from A Y & J Solicitors on his settlement application, he would have made a settlement application as a Tier 2 General migrant which could have been refused, and he would have become an overstayer with limited options. At A Y & J Solicitors we take time and care to find the best solution for each client. We’re always here to help.

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Hello. If you are struggling with any immigration issues, I can strongly recommend A Y & J Solicitors. One phone call we made to them on Jan 2018 has changed our lives. We thought of going back to India when we got a refusal for ILR, it was due to a tax amendment, but after speaking to Yash, they provided with a best option in making a fresh application. Took over our case in the last week of January and with in 5 months we got the result. We will never forget the mental stress we have gone through ,as the first application we made was in September 2016 and after waiting for 1.5 years got a refusal. That is when we found A Y & J Solicitors. We can’t thank enough AY & J for the support, assurance, value and respect they give to the clients. We dealt with Yash, Waleed, Zareen and Sok Wei regarding our case. All the team of A Y & J Solicitors are very good at the communication and I have seen the clear difference of this after we moved to them from our previous solicitors. I would like to request all the readers: please guys if you are struggling with any immigration issues, please give them a call. They will give you a straight answer on analysing the case. I know how hard it is to cope up with the stress in immigration issues. Would definitely recommend them. I hope they succeed in all the future cases and see much more success.

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