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Statement of changes – UK immigration

Oct 10, 2021
Last Updated on May 22, 2024

The Home Office has announced some significant changes in the latest Statements of Changes to the immigration rules, HC 617.

 The changes were announced on 10 September 2021 and have come with amendments in many areas pertaining to skilled workers, the launch of the new sportsperson route, other adjustments in the global talent route, changes to EU Settlement Scheme family permits, youth mobility scheme, along with coronavirus concessions.

Changes in the Global Talent route

 The changes reflected in the Global talent visa route are in the following categories:

1. Changes in the Arts and Culture endorsement

The rules specify that the endorsing letters must be from a well-established ‘Arts and culture’ organisation instead of any well-established organisation.

Applicants making an endorsement application to the Arts Council will be able to evidence that they are exceptional through a showcase in the media coverage “as a named member of a group” rather than the individual.

2. Changes in the Digital Technology endorsement

If you are a board member of a product-led digital technology firm, you can use this role to evidence talent in the digital technology sector.

Furthermore, as per the rules in GTE 7.4(b) (i) evidence for exceptional promise applications of ‘innovation as a founder of a product led digital technology company or as an employee working on a new digital field or concept’

The evidence required in this has been reduced to at least one example as evidence for exceptional talent and exceptional promise instead of two examples, as is currently the case.

   3. Changes in Science, Engineering, Humanities and Medicine

The new rules will extend the eligibility period for fellowship fast track applications.

The applicants who have held peer-reviewed fellowships or any award mentioned on the list issued by the Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Society, and the British Academy in the past five years, instead of the last 12 months as currently being asked. 

   4. Changes in the Prestigious Prize Route

Applicants who hold any of the prestigious prizes directly qualify to apply for a Global Talent visa without obtaining an endorsement.

These prizes have been identified by the relevant Global Talent endorsing bodies as evidencing exceptional talent. There are additional 72 awards in the list of prestigious awards, including 5 Nobel Prizes and 6 Oscars.

An expanded list can be accessed from the Immigration Rules Appendix Global Talent: Prestigious Prizes.

 The changes in the Global talent route are effective from 6 October 2021. 

  • Changes to eligibility criteria for settlement for Representatives of an Overseas Business

 The new change will amend the qualification necessities for settlement in the sole representative visa route by requiring candidates to show they have continued to be eligible by meeting all the prerequisites of the route all through the five-year time frame, paving the way to their settlement application. The change will likewise eliminate the prerequisite for settlement candidates to be paid a fair salary since there are no predefined pay necessities in this route. 

  • Corrections and technical changes in the Skilled Worker route

The corrections in the technical amendment highlight that the sponsor must be A-rated to certify the financial requirement. The skilled workers must be paid as per the minimum base hourly rate of £10.10 (which is equivalent to a minimum £20,480 for a 39-hour week) that applies to applications for settlement just as for entry clearance and permission to remain in the UK.

The reason behind this change is to protect skilled workers against those sponsors who demand their employees to work for long hours. This change does not apply to the workers already employed.

Other changes include corrections in the references and drafting errors and do not impact the overall policy for a skilled worker route.

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