Unmarried Partner of British Citizen

Successful Visa application For Unmarried Partner of a British Citizen

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Unmarried Partners Decide to Live Together

Ms. A was a student when she first came to the UK. She was granted entry clearance as a Tier 4 (General) student on several occasions to further her studies in the UK. During this time she met her partner, Mr. J, at the University where they were both studying. They began their relationship a few months after they met. Two years  later, the couple decided to move in together.

The Best Route in Their Situation was Applying for Unmarried Partner Visa

After Ms. A completed her studies, she continued staying and working in the UK under a work visa category. Before her work visa expired, Ms. A contacted us for our advice in relation to her immigration status. Her partner Mr. J is a British citizen. Although the couple is in a stable and happy relationship, they have no plans to get married in the near future. Both of them want to focus on their careers before starting a family together. They both decided that the UK was the best place for them to continue pursuing their careers.

Proving Genuine Relationship as Unmarried Partners

During the consultation our expert assessed Ms A’s immigration history and her background and further details to ensure she qualifies for such a visa.

During the consultation our expert assessed Ms A’s immigration history and her background and further details to ensure she qualifies for such a visa. We were told that the couple had lived together for almost 2 years, and they had evidence to prove their long term relationship. We advised Ms. A that she could apply for further leave to remain as an unmarried partner of a British Citizen. We assisted Ms. A in preparing the application by providing her with a comprehensive document checklist, including documents required to demonstrate a genuine and subsisting relationship, and that they had been living together. We also advised her on the requirements of this application. As soon as Ms. A was eligible to apply, and before her visa expired, we represented her at the UKVI  Premium Service. That same day Ms. A’s application was approved, and she was granted leave as an unmarried partner for two and half years. The couple can now focus on pursuing their careers in the UK before buying property and starting a family.

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Blog on Successful Visa application of Unmarried Partner of a British Citizen

June 7, 2018

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