Human Rights Appeal Child Parents

Human Rights Appeals Reunites Child with His Parents in the UK

When Master B’s indefinite leave to enter application as a child based on sole responsibilities was refused, his step-father and mother were devastated. His parents decided to try to find out if it was worth going through the appeal process and contacted some professional firms that specialised in this type of legal issue but could not get any useful advice.

Parents Were in Need of Expert Legal Advice on Preparing Legal Representation for Their Human Rights Appeal

Contacting us was the parents’ last try to get advice before choosing a legal representative at random. After a brief 10-minute telephone call, they decided to instruct us to represent Master B’s appeal matter immediately.

A Y & J Solicitors Create Complete Solution for this Difficult Human Rights Appeal

Upon instruction, we assisted Master B in lodging an appeal within the remaining permitted time. We advised the parents and Master B at every stage of the appeals process. There were complicating factors to consider in this case including:

  • Master B needed to show that his mother had sole responsibility for his upbringing when they were living apart from each other for over 6 years, and
  • This matter involved a child from a high-risk country

We provided a comprehensive document checklist and assisted the client and his parents in gathering supporting documents to evidence that his mother has had the sole responsibility of him. We also assisted Master B in preparing his appeal by drafting the supporting statements for his mother, preparing the appeal bundle, serving bundles to the Tribunal and Presenting Officer Unit, and engaging an experienced counsel to represent the client before the Judge on the day of the hearing.

Family Reunited Means Another Job Well Done

A Y & J Solicitors was with this family providing guidance and support throughout the process. The appeal was allowed at the first instance by the First-tier Tribunal Judge.

A Y & J Solicitors was with this family providing guidance and support throughout the process. The appeal was allowed at the first instance by the First-tier Tribunal Judge. Following this Master B was granted an Indefinite Leave to Enter visa to travel to the UK and join his parents. The parents were grateful to be able to look after their son and ensure that he has a settled family life as a child. Master B is now living in the UK with his parents, enjoying his family life, and pursuing his studies.

Our ability to successfully conquer all the above challenges was only possible due to our strong understanding of the appeal process, and in-depth knowledge in this type of application/appeal which involves sole responsibilities.

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