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A Y & J Solicitors Helps Care Business Reinstate Tier 2 Sponsor Licence


A care home, Company A, with over 800 employees serving clients around London lost their Tier 2 Sponsor Licence following a compliance visit from the home office.

Company A was established over 20 years ago in the care industry had three non-EEA employees who were on a Tier 2 visa.  All three employees were vital to the engine of the business since they were managing branches where the Sponsor was not able to recruit local staff despite having advertised the positions for over 12 months. The loss of the Tier 2 Sponsor Licence would have meant the closure of the three branches where the employees were working. Tier 2 Sponsor Licence is always subject to compliance control by the Home Office, and if businesses are found not to be compliant, they can lose their licence.

Not knowing how to handle the matter, and being frightened of losing the licence, the owner handed over her case to us.

How AY & J helped Company A have their sponsorship license reinstated

Our most experienced lawyer was appointed to handle the Suspension matter.  Since the Home Office were alleging the non-EEA positions were not genuine, evidence to refute this was essential.

We worked with the owner and the employees to collate the required evidence.  No matter how much evidence you have, if it is not of sufficient quality, there are high chances that the Tier 2 Licence might be revoked.

We prepared a set of legal representations addressing each issue raised by the Home Office and left no room doubt.

The Result: Company A had its sponsorship license reinstated

Within less than one month the Home Office reinstated the Tier 2 Licence to an A rating.  The owner retained the senior staff, and the branches continue to operate.

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Success Story – Sponsor Licence Suspension