Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship

A Y & J Solicitors assists in assigning a Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship

On July 18, 2020 | By A Y & J Solicitors

Company A is an esteemed company in the IT industry. A few months ago, the company wanted to employ 3 skilled employees from Non-EEA nations.  However, the employer was frustrated with the complex rules for assigning a Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship (RCoS). The employer had the vivid idea of being subjected to Home Office Enforcement action if unable to undertake the steps properly. Therefore, he was anxiously looking for a top UK Immigration law firm that could meet with all the aspects of sponsor licence management and compliance duties. He got in touch with our specialised team at A Y & J Solicitors and discussed his challenges with our knowledgeable and competent lawyers. 

How does A Y & J Solicitors help in assigning a Certificate of Sponsorship? 

A restricted Certificate of Sponsorship is issued for those employees who wish to relocate to the UK and earn less than £159,600 per year. 

A Y & J Solicitors started the process by advicing the right class of CoS and guidance on Tier 2 requirements that would meet skill and salary thresholds. Our expert team of immigration solicitors assisted the company by explaining the compliant use of Restricted CoS as per the prescribed sponsor licence duties. Our lawyers have meticulously integrated the CoS requirement into existing recruitment practices as well as onboarding processes. They have also matched the positions to the relevant Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) and identified the errors on the CoS allocation. Since the Code of practice is subject to change, our lawyers simultaneously kept a close eye on the latest version before issuing a Certificate of Sponsorship for Non-EEA nationals keeping in mind the company’s broader recruitment needs. 

Our immigration lawyers have further helped in determining how to allocate the Restricted Certificates of Sponsorship and also how many restricted Certificates of Sponsorship to be requested from the Home Office. 

Generally, UKVI meticulously reviews all applications for Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship on a monthly basis. The application with the highest points score will be approved if there is an over subscription for monthly allocation. On that account, our specialised team helped to keep a tab on the allocation date and ensured that the Tier 2 applications are made by the 5th of that month. 

Our client was content to receive support in relation to CoS allocation for Tier 2 visa renewals in order to mitigate challenges with existing sponsored employee’s permission to work. 

The Result 

A Y & J Solicitors has successfully helped in assigning Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship and later advised on ongoing compliance. The company sought assistance for an Unrestricted Certificate of Sponsorship. Our immigration lawyer successfully outlined a strategy for recruitment needs that could be met throughout the licence period of four years. Since then Company A contacts us to get the best advice and assistance in Sponsor Licence Compliance

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