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Let me share our recent success story on a Sponsor Licence Suspension matter.

A London based IT company had 10 sponsored workers. They had their Tier 2 sponsor licecne suspended followed by the Home Office’s compliace visit. It was alleged that they supplied labour, acted as an employment or recruitment agency and the sponsored positions were not genuine. It was further alleged that they failed to keep adequate Record Keeping and Recruitment Practices and failed to monitor Immigration Status.

A Y & J Solicitors were instructed by this IT company to assist them to prepare a response to the suspension letter of the Home Office within 20 working days.

We provided unlimited legal advice and support in preparing the representation. We advised on document and information required from the sponsor to address the issues of the suspension letter. We submitted the legal representation to the Home Office and liaised with the Home office until a decision was made on the Tier 2 suspension matter.

While preparing a legal representation for this client, we carried out a lot more detailed and intense work. For example, we requested the interview notes that the Home Office used to prepare the suspension letter. We then carried out a detailed scrutiny of these interview notes to understand and assist our client. We brainstormed with our client on the relevant documents and information they could submit us to strengthen the case.

The hard work was paid off and the end result was outstanding for our client to have their Tier 2 licence re-instated.

See here (watch the video), a copy of the letter re-instating the Tier 2 Sponsor licence for this client.

Of course, each and every case would be decided on its own merits and the outcome of the case depends on the quality of information and documents submitted.

The expert team at A Y & J Solicitors has had multiple success re-instating Tier 2 Sponsor Licence for small to large organisations. We can help you too if you are facing Tier 2 Sponsor licence suspension/revocation.

If you require legal advice/assistance, please get in touch. Our contact details are at the bottom of the video. We are happy to help. Thank you.

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