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UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) Premium Customer Service – Best Solution for Busy Sponsor Licence Holder

NITS is a specialised IT company who provides services and solutions in MS Dynamics CRM and Data Warehousing/BI. They have helped clients secure more business by having better automated digital systems in place and efficiently managing their vast data.

Busy Company Cannot Wait Weeks for a Response From UKVI on Sponsor Licence matters

NITS was looking for a swift response and round-the-clock support from the sponsorship team of UKVI. It was an unnecessary inconvenience for them to wait up to 18 weeks for their Unrestricted CoS requests to be looked at by the UKVI.

We suggested that NITS opt for Premium Customer Service. The Premium Customer Service with UKVI offers an enhanced level of support for organisations employing foreign workers. Each premium customer has their own dedicated account manager who provides tailored advice and support for all their immigration needs.

Do you have a way to calculate the sponsor licence UK cost?

Yes! Use our calculator below to calculate your sponsor licence visa cost.

Please answer the questions and you will be able to calculate the approx cost for The sponsor licence –


A Y & J Solicitor Helps Company Qualify for UKVI Premium Customer Service

Prior to being approved by UKVI for the Premium Sponsor Licence, NITS had to pass a Sponsor Licence Compliance Audit with an ‘A’ rating since they had not been visited during last six months. We assisted NITS in passing this pre-application Sponsor Licence Compliance Audit.

We then worked with NITS to submit an application to upgrade their sponsor status for Premium Customer Service. NITS first opted for a trial 3 months Premium Customer Service. Upon a successful acceptance by UKVI for this trial period, NITS received unique access to a number of priority visa services including special access to premium service centre appointments and faster passport return on in-country applications. NITS was offered five free priority service application upgrades by the UKVI.

During the initial trial period, NITS found Premium Sponsor Licence was very useful when sponsoring NON-EU skilled staff swiftly with the least amount of hassles.

During the initial trial period, NITS found Premium Sponsor Licence was very useful when sponsoring NON-EU skilled staff swiftly with the least amount of hassles. Therefore, NITS opted and paid for full Premium Sponsor Licence. With a Premium Sponsor Licence, it was extremely easy to receive one-to-one advice and support from their dedicated account manager in UKVI. This not only fast-tracked the recruitment of skilled staff but also eased and reduced the communication gap to near zero between the sponsor and UKVI. Any change of circumstances request of NITS via SMS were processed in a few hours/days rather than weeks/months.

Prompt, Efficient Premium Service Helps Managing Sponsor Licence

When NITS requested increased unrestricted CoS’, it was addressed in a few short hours. The Account Manager from the Premium Sponsor Licence team was extremely helpful in responding to all our inquiries to assist NITS in maintaining their sponsorship duties and overall compliance.

The Account Manager from the Premium Sponsor Licence team of UKVI also offered to visit our client site and/or our office to discuss any specific requests/issues we might have. The Premium Sponsor Licence has made NITS’ job very easy when it comes to recruiting and retaining NON-EU skilled workforce. NITS had to consider the fees of GBP 8000 per year plus additional fees to receive the premium customer service with UKVI, but they feel they have received full value for their investment considering the benefits offered to them.

NITS has been extremely happy and grateful to A Y & J Solicitors for introducing them to Premium Sponsor Licence services.

A Y & J Solicitors

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A Y & J Solicitors’ Review

Sanchit gave A Y & J Solicitors 5 stars via @Trustpilot

A sigh of relief after Tier 2 sponsor licence restored. The day our Tier 2 sponsor licence was revoked, we had a nightmare as to how we would keep up with our Non EU skilled staff within our business. We were very fortunate to have engaged A Y & J Solicitors as our lawyers to help us with the Tier 2 sponsor licence revocation. Initially, it appeared that the job would be impossible as the Home office had prepared very strong revocation letter but with A Y & J Solicitors expert help we have our Tier 2 sponsor licence back. Our NON-EU skilled work force have been saved. They know their job well and we would recommend them to all employers and businesses who require legal assistance in relation to their NON-EU skilled staff and Tier 2 matters.

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