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Tier 2 Sponsor Licence Compliance Training | A Y & J
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Sponsor Licence Compliance Training For Companies

Tier 2 Sponsor Licence Compliance Training Programme Delivers Great Value

Sponsor Licence is Essential for Multinational Company

ATL is a multinational payment technology company. Their head office is in the Netherlands and they have regional offices around the world. They have a large number of employees in their UK office including NON-EU skilled sponsored workers. As a technology company, ATL is in a dire need of skilled staff. Due to the lack of required skills, qualifications and experience within the UK workforce, ATL must sponsor and retain NON-EU skilled staff to work for them in their UK office. As a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence holder, they were very keen to get in-house training to ensure their company maintains full compliance.

A Y & J Solicitors Provide Bespoke Sponsor Licence Compliance Training

Prior to commencing the training, we supplied ATL with advanced training material. We arranged a mutually convenient day for one of our experienced and knowledgeable Immigration Consultants to visit their office and provide in-house training to their HR department and relevant members of staff.

This 4-hour comprehensive Training Programme provided not only training to ensure compliance with their sponsorship duties, but also an on-the-spot check of HR files for their current sponsored employee to put their learning into immediate practice.

The areas we covered during the Sponsor Licence Compliance Training Programme included but were not limited to: ensuring maintenance of monitoring immigration status and preventing illegal employment, maintaining migrant contact details, record keeping and recruitment practices, resident labour market tests, and migrant tracking and monitoring.

Critical Non-compliance Issues for Sponsor Licence Resolved

During our Training Programme, we identified issues within their HR system. The HR Manager at ATL was already taking copies of the passports and visas of all employees to monitor immigration status and prevent illegal employment. However, they were not aware of all the processes they should follow as per Home Office policy guidance. They were accepting passport and visa copies sent via email by their employees which does not meet the higher standard of checks expected by the Home Office.

We trained ATL that the correct method to conduct Right to Work checks was to obtain original documents first then to check and copy by the company for each and every employee PRIOR to commencement of employment.

We trained ATL that the correct method to conduct Right to Work checks was to obtain original documents first then to check and copy by the company for each and every employee PRIOR to commencement of employment.

ATL was maintaining contact details of their sponsored employees but they were not aware of the requirement to keep historical contact details. We provided a very simplified solution to meet this requirement to ensure they remain compliant.

As a fast-growing technology company, ATL believes in flexible hours and flexible location of work for its employees. However, in order to ensure Tier 2 compliance, ATL was required to create relevant policies and procedures to adhere to their sponsorship duties while accommodating their flexible working policy. During our Sponsor Licence Compliance Training Programme, we identified their day-to-day needs and provide solutions to meet their sponsorship duties.

ATL always sends their sponsored workers to deliver projects at their client’s sites. But they did not have adequate processes and procedures to monitor the daily attendance and whereabouts of these sponsored workers while working at their client’s sites. We shared solutions that have been tried and tested by many of our clients to ensure continuous Tier 2 Sponsorship compliance.

Our Sponsor Licence Compliance Training Programme for ATL was not just training but also a complete and thorough check-up of their current systems, and assistance in improving existing HR systems to ensure full compliance with their sponsorship duties.

Sponsor Licence is a privilege, not a right, therefore obtaining and retaining your Sponsor Licence is hard work. We can help you to obtain and retain your Sponsor Licence. We do this every day!

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