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A Y & J Solicitors assisted a Tier 1 (Investor) visa holder in securing her extension for a further period of two years. Mrs J arrived in the United Kingdom as a Tier 1 (Investor) migrant with the purpose of investing 1 million UK pounds in qualifying investments. Having been granted initial leave under the above Immigration category before 06 November 2014, she was required to show at the time of the extension application that:

  • she did not have less than 1 million pounds under her name and control
  • she had invested 750,000GP in qualifying investments
  • she had invested the total of her 1 million in specified ways, and;
  • she had invested the total amount as required within 3 months of the specified date and maintained it for a continuous period throughout the period of her leave to enter as a Tier 1 (Investor).

Our Experts Identify Missing Documents in Tier 1 (Investor) Extension Application

While preparing Mrs J’s extension application, our team identified that she had invested over 1 million pounds in the UK, however, part of her investment could not be demonstrated with the documents she was given by her investment agent. Despite investing such an enormous amount in the UK, the Home Office requires every applicant to tick each box of the Immigration Rules for a grant of extension as a Tier 1 (Investor) Migrant.

As part of her investment, Mrs J invested at least 750,000 GBP of her capital in the UK in UK government bonds, and share and loan capital in active and trading companies registered in the UK. The remaining 250,000 GBP was considered the balance of funds and represented the amount of money needed to bring the total funds invested and held by Mrs J up to 1 million. Before perusing her documents, Mrs J seemed to satisfy the extension requirements, however, issues were found while working on her file.

We prepared for Mrs J a bespoke list of documents according to her investments and offered to liaise with the agent dealing with the investments to ensure that all documents required contained the specified criteria as required by the Home Office.

A Y & J Solicitors Ensure all Errors are Corrected Before Applying

While requesting additional information and documents, our team of experts noted that part of the investment was not conducted within 3 months of the required date (her date of entry into the UK). As part of the extension requirements, the quarterly investment reports must be certified as required by Home Office guidance, although many investment companies are reluctant to do so. Further, to provide evidence that the investment of funds was conducted within the specified period, our team advised the client to produce additional evidence which is not part of the Home Office list of documents required for Tier 1 (Investor) extension application. Only with the experience and knowledge of our team, and the inclusion of extra documents produced along with the investment reports our client able to show that she meet the investment requirements for UK Immigration Rules.

Successful, Hassle Free Super Premium Appointment and Tier 1 Visa Extension

A Y & J Solicitors offered Mrs J the opportunity to proceed with a Super Premium Appointment where a decision is made within a short time from the day of submitting the application.

A Y & J Solicitors offered Mrs J the opportunity to proceed with a Super Premium Appointment where a decision is made within a short time from the day of submitting the application. The benefits of the service include accessing the contact details of the assigned caseworker, receiving regular updates on the progress of the matter, and the convenience of clients having their biometrics recorded at our office and their original documents collected directly from our office.

Without our advice, intervention, and follow-through, Mrs J would have faced a challenging application process and a potential refusal of her Tier 1 (Investor) extension. Fortunately, Mr J and her family choose A Y & J Solicitors and had their applications approved within 2 days of their appointment. We are pleased that we were able to assist this family with their Tier 1 (Investor) extension application and that they are continuing to enjoy life together in the UK.

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