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Successful Sponsor Licence Application for a Fish and Chip Shop

Successful Sponsor Licence Application for a Fish and Chip Shop

Mr X is the Director of a group of food businesses in Leicester. He has over a decade’s experience in management and having worked for a large global chain in management decided to start his own project.

Mr X runs a restaurant which incorporates a “fast food” pizza menu. He also bought up a Fish and Chip shop which, due to covid pandemic, has had a slow start to business, but is quickly picking up. 

Mr X had recruited a student who was working part time in the fish and chip shop and chef/manager. Having proven himself worthy of a job offer, Mr X decided that now was the time to proceed with sponsorship – with business gathering momentum, this was likely to be only one instance where a sponsor licence would be elementary to his meeting his recruitment aims.

Mr X contacted A Y & J Solicitors for assistance to obtain the sponsor licence and sponsor his preferred candidate under the skilled worker route.

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How did A Y & J Solicitors help food shop owner? 

A Y & J Solicitors helped Mr X to identify which of his businesses could and should be included as part of the sponsor licence application. 

Mr X had previously operated his food business as a sole trade, but recently incorporated a new limited company, through which his three businesses would operate. Two of the businesses ran from the same address (a restaurant and a fast-food business) and the other was a newly acquired Fish and Chip shop, purchased from an owner who was due to retire.

We assisted Mr X in understanding how to apply for a licence to reflect the structure of his business and recruitment requirements and make sure that the licence application best reflected the business’ genuine needs and plans.

Having submitted the sponsor licence application, Mr X received a “further information request” from the Home Office.

We stepped in to support Mr X with quickly collating the relevant responses. Our advice was critical, for example helping to ensure he took clear and relevant screenshots of his various HR documentation to prove his undeniable adherence to sponsor duties, particularly with regard to right to work checks on his current workforce.

As part of our service, A Y & J Solicitors delivered comprehensive HR compliance support and carefully prepared the sponsor licence application form and documents, to ensure all documentation and information was correct. 

With all this in place, Mr X was confident of a positive result.

The Result 

Ms X’s sponsor licence application was approved within the stated service standards and the limited company is now an A-Rated sponsor and able to recruit staff for the three businesses.

Mr X is now working with A Y & J solicitors to assign a Certificate of Sponsorship and submit his candidate’s visa application without delay.

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