A news agents applies and obtains Sponsor Licence to sponsor a Manager

A newsagents applies and obtains Sponsor Licence to sponsor a Manager

On July 05, 2021 | In Sponsor Licence | By A Y & J Solicitors

Mr X has owned and run one of the oldest newsagents on his local high street for almost a decade. Having recently refurbished the store, he has been working on steadily expanding the range of products available and growing his business.

Mr X’s wife supports him with the day-to-day operations but following an accident she has been unable to work. Mr X is now responsible for all aspects of running the store.

Mr X approached us for assistance to obtain a sponsor licence for his store in order to sponsor a Manager to take over the running of the store; freeing Mr X to focus on other activities.

How did A Y & J Solicitors help the shopkeeper? 

As a busy business owner, Mr X required support tailored around his needs and resources. Without an administrative or HR team, all the responsibility of preparing the sponsor licence application fell to Mr X. A Y & J Solicitors were able to make this process as stress-free and straightforward as possible.

As well as helping Mr X every step of the way to prepare his licence paperwork, A Y J & consulted Mr X on the detailed requirements to achieve and maintain sponsor compliance. Having made a thorough assessment of his current HR processes, A Y & J Solicitors delivered a series of handy recommendations.

Mr X was selected for a remote audit by the Home Office. Having worked closely with A Y & J Solicitors to prepare his paperwork in advance, Mr X was ready to gather and submit the further information with confidence and speed.

The Result 

Mr X passed the compliance audit and his sponsor licence application was approved within the stated service standards. Mr X’s sole trade business is now an A-Rated sponsor.

Mr X is looking forward to working with us again on future sponsorship under the Skilled Worker category.

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