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Spouse Visa Sponsorship

Spouse Visa UK application having UK Employment Offer by British Citizen

On March 05, 2018 | In Family Visas | By A Y & J Solicitors

A British citizen living and working outside the UK was looking to sponsor his NON- EU wife to join him in the UK on a spouse visa. The couple had lived abroad for years and their trips to the UK were mainly for pleasure and visiting family members.

British Citizen Overseas Receives Job Offer in the UK and Wishes to Apply for UK Spouse Visa for Wife

The British citizen and his wife considered various options available to them to facilitate her return to the UK. To be able to sponsor his wife to join him in the UK, she was required to submit an entry clearance application from her country of residence under the Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules. Having considered the enormous amount of information available on the unfriendly UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) website, the British citizen and his wife were unsure if they could meet the rigorous financial requirements, especially taking into account he had worked for a long period outside the UK.

The couple decided to seek legal advice to understand the process, so they conducted a telephone consultation with us. During the telephone consultation, our team member at A Y & J Solicitors listened to their concerns and outlined the Immigration requirements his wife needed to satisfy to enable her to enter the UK within a short time.

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Case Brings Multiple Challenges for Approval for Spouse Visa

What was unique about this case was the fact that the couple had no savings of £62,500 nor a secured accommodation in the UK. We discovered that the British citizen was recently offered a full-time permanent job offer in the UK which was due to start within 3 months. Furthermore, we identified that the couple had immediate family members in the UK with whom they had lived in the past and therefore have a private rented accommodation was no longer an issue for them.

To satisfy the Immigration Rules for entry clearance, the couple not only had to show that they were married and their relationship was subsisting, but also provide evidence of their available accommodations in the UK. The most difficult part of the immigration rules was to show that upon his return to the UK, the Sponsor, i.e. British citizen, had a valid and genuine job offer with an annual gross salary of £18,600 or above. With our guidance and expertise, all the documents presented before the Entry Clearance Officer met the standards of such an application.

Clients Confidently Proceed With A Y & J Solicitors, Spouse Visa granted

The British citizen and his wife felt so much confidence in the guidance and advice provided by our team and decided to instruct us to prepare the spouse entry clearance application.

The British citizen and his wife felt so much confidence in the guidance and advice provided by our team and decided to instruct us to prepare the spouse entry clearance application. The couple were also under pressure because their country of residence had public holidays going on and this might have delayed the process further.

With our guidance, assistance, and thorough attention to details when preparing the application, the wife secured her UK spouse entry clearance application within a few weeks.

This couple can happily relocate to the UK to continue their family life because of our help and professionalism.

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Requirements for Applying UK Spouse Visa

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