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Registration as a British Citizen

Registration as a British Citizen, Born in the UK to Foreign Parents

Born in the UK to Jamaican Parents with No Citizenship

Ms. J approached us after UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) returned her British Citizenship application as invalid. She was concerned as she had not been able to travel for more than 20 years. She was born in the UK but had never possessed any passport or travel document, and she was not sure about her nationality. She was born to a Jamaican mother who moved to the UK at a young age. Ms. J was not sure if her mother was a settled person in the UK. Also, her Jamaican-born father had passed away in the UK. Ms. J believed that he was neither a British citizen nor a settled person in the UK. For the last 20 years, Ms. J had only been on a short school trip to Paris when she was 9 or 10 years of age.

With the assistance of her social worker, she made an application to register her British citizenship. However, a few months later her application was returned as invalid. Ms. J was anxious and worried. She was not sure if she would ever obtain British citizenship or any document evidencing her immigration status in the UK since she was a “stateless” person.

British Citizenship Refusal Creates Challenges When Urgent Travel is Required

Ms. J was also very frustrated as she had been longing for a holiday and needed to pay a visit to Jamaica with her sisters who are British citizens living in the UK. After a full assessment of her matter, we advised her of the type of registration application she is eligible to make. The complex issue in this matter is that Ms. J was not sure if she could provide evidence of living in the UK when she was a child as she had been moved around due to family issues.

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Client is Granted British Citizenship With Help From A Y & J Solicitors

We advised Ms. J of the mandatory documents required for her British citizenship application. During the process of collecting the supporting documents, Ms. J had difficulties getting the documents in the right format. With our advice, assistance, and quick responses to her queries, she was able to collect the right documents and applied to UKVI as soon as it was ready. We represented her in the application.

After four months of waiting, Ms. J’s application was approved. Ms. J was over the moon that she could travel and have her holiday with her family as planned.

After four months of waiting, Ms. J’s application was approved. Ms. J was over the moon that she could travel and have her holiday with her family as planned. After her British citizenship ceremony, she called her A Y & J Solicitor’s caseworker to specially thanking her for her assistance in this successful application and for making a change in her life.

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