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A Y & J Solicitors assists in the overturning of sponsor licence suspension

On November 04, 2020 | In Sponsor Licence Suspension | By A Y & J Solicitors

Company A with over 500 employees serving across the United Kingdom has received formal notification from UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). It has informed that the company’s sponsorship licence is at risk of revocation. 

The company was established over 15 years ago and had hired five employees from Non-EEA nations under Tier 2 (General) Work Visa. The five employees were playing crucial roles and the company was unable to recruit local staff despite being advertised for the positions for over 12 months. Losing these five employees could bring a devastating impact on the business. Moreover, the company had to determine how to respond to the situation within the given time frame, typically 20 days.

 Admitting that the subsequent steps will be business-critical, the employer has handed-over his case to us. 

Find how A Y & J Solicitors helped in protecting the licence from being revoked. 

A revoked sponsor licence implies that the company has lost its authority to lawfully hire sponsored workers across visa categories.  It not only results in curtailment of visas for its sponsored employees but severely impacts an organisation’s operation. Following a sponsor licence revocation, the sponsored employees must find employment with another sponsor or leave the country. Besides, the company will further be prohibited from applying for a new licence due to the specified cooling period. During this period, the company will need to wait for six months (after the date of the Home Office decision letter) for another application for a sponsor licence. 

A Y & J Solicitors’ team of specialised UK immigration lawyers has incorporated substantial experience in advising and assisting the company in the reinstatement of Sponsor licence suspension. We believe that a suspended sponsor licence has the potential to affect your ability to hire skilled employees from non-EEA nations.  On that account, our team has taken every possible step to minimise the consequences of a suspended licence on the business operations. 

In this specific case, the Home Office alleged that the company failed to comply with record-keeping duties. Our immigration lawyers started assisting with the grounds of suspension, advised on collating the supporting documents, and suggested remedial steps in order to address areas of non-compliance. 

Our team prepared a set of legal representations by assessing all the facts while addressing issues raised by the Home Office and left no stone unturned. The team has advised in relation to subsequent follow-up scrutiny. 

Our team has also provided assistance in HR processes in order to ensure that the compliant practices are in place. Since every new application for a new sponsor licence will need to provide evidence that the previous revocation grounds are cleared, our expert team has extended every possible assistance with compliance duties and taken care of evidential requirements in order to get a prompt response. 

The Result: 

A Y & J Solicitors has successfully refuted the allegations and managed to reinstate the Tier 2 Sponsor Licence with an A-rating by building a compelling response to the Home Office. The owner has retained the employees from Non-EEA nationals and the company continues to operate without any complication. 

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