Sponsor Licence Renewal

A Successful Sponsor Licence Renewal

On August 17, 2020 | By A Y & J Solicitors

We were introduced to Mr. J by one of our previous clients regarding sponsor licence renewals. Four years ago, Mr. J had successfully obtained a Sponsor Licence under the Tier 2 Visa Route. However, he had a vivid idea that renewals attract greater Home Office attention than the initial licence application. A refused licence could bring a detrimental impact on his business. Therefore, he wanted someone who could provide a complete sponsorship licence renewal application service. 

How did A Y & J Solicitors help in sponsorship licence renewal application service? 

Sponsor licences are granted for a period of four years. However, to maintain a licence beyond, an employer needs to make a Sponsor licence renewal application to the Home Office. Our immigration solicitors understand the importance of the licence to commercial imperative and undertake a complete sponsorship licence renewal application. 

Sponsor Licence Renewal has always offered an excellent opportunity to Immigration enforcement officials to thoroughly investigate the company’s HR and recruitment practices, procedures, and documentation once again in order to verify the lawful status of the company’s migrant workers.

In this case, A Y & J Solicitors’ team of qualified UK immigration lawyers has incorporated substantial knowledge and experience to manage the entire process and also ensured that the license management to date has been accurately compliant. Our immigration lawyers have also made sure that the application for renewal is timely and effective. 

Since UKVI reserves the right to undertake a compliance visit, we have already prepared the company for a site visit and requested corporate documentation in place which is deemed significant. Our qualified immigration lawyers thoroughly audited the HR System, and records which include Sponsor Licence Management (SMS), and identified areas of non-compliance. They have recommended to fully map sponsor licence duties, implemented necessary changes in terms of monitoring and record-keeping duties to the sponsor licence before submitting an extension application. Our team has also delivered training to SMS Key personnel and followed-up support post-site-visits. They were always there to extend advice on ongoing immigration and sponsor licence compliance. 

In most of the cases, our immigration solicitors have closely assessed the remedial measures, how to approach dealing with the Home Office, and pieces of evidence to produce to the Home Office. Since the company will be open to Home Office Scrutiny, our immigration lawyers meticulously examined areas of risk and potential non-compliance to be corrected well-in-advance. 

The Result 

A  Y & J Solicitors is well-versed in all evidential requirements which are taken to be vital for a successful renewal application of sponsor licence. Consequently, our immigration lawyers have taken a proactive approach to the renewal process and safeguarded the permission to continue sponsoring workers from non-EEA nationals.  Later, we have established ourselves as one of the favourites of the company where they always visit us to get advice on ongoing compliance.

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