A Y & J Solicitors Assist Non-EEU Citizen To Secure Five Year Permanent Residence Card

Mr T first came to the UK in 2005 as a student and had been in a long-term durable relationship with a European national since 2010.

A Y & J Solicitors first helped Mr T to switch to the EEA family member route, as he had previously held leave under the Immigration Rules.

We then assisted him with the preparation of a Residence Card, which was successfully granted for five years.

How did A Y & J Solicitors Help Mr T?

Assessing the case and the options available

Mr T met with one of our experienced caseworkers with a view to obtaining Permanent Residence (PR), having now spent five years continuously in the UK.

During the consultation, however, we discovered that his wife, who was still working in the UK, had a break in her qualifying period, which meant he did not qualify for PR.  Mr T’s leave was fast approaching expiry, and he was uncertain about his future in the UK.

He had developed strong foundations, having studied, lived and established a family in the UK.  As a result of the impending expiry of his leave, we then helped Mr T apply for a further five years of leave.

Drafting a water-tight application

We provided Mr T with detailed guidance on how to draft and present his application to the Home Office.  We identified any areas of weakness, including a slight payment discrepancy and worked to build the strongest possible application.

The application was then submitted to the Home Office on Mr T’s behalf with a detailed cover letter setting out the relevant laws, guiding the Home Office through the application in order to grant a Residence card.

5-year Residence Card was Granted in Record Time

We were delighted that Mr T received a positive decision in record time, being granted a further five years residence in the UK.  Mr T was extremely pleased with the result and praised our approach and professionalism in his case.

We look forward to working with Mr T again to help him achieve his ultimate goal of settlement in the UK and have already started to advise him on the potential impacts of Brexit, given the details of his specific case.

A Y & J Solicitors

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