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What The Global Talent Visa Offers Employers Seeking Top Skills

What the Global Talent visa offers employers seeking top skills

Jun 10, 2021
Last Updated on May 21, 2024

The Tier 1 Exceptional talent visa’s new ‘avatar’ was unveiled in February 2020 – the route now known as the Global Talent Visa

Shortly after, the coronavirus pandemic took the world by storm.  The impact of the Global Talent visa was overshadowed by the ongoing global crisis. But as lockdowns ease, and life and business begins to get back to normal, the Global Talent visa is once again actively providing opportunities for employers who need to recruit top skills from abroad.

What is a Global Talent visa?

The Global Talent visa is a UK immigration category for promising and talented individuals in specific sectors including the sciences, the humanities, engineering, the arts, and technology, who are looking to work in the UK.

To gain entry under the Global Talent visa route, applicants should normally seek an endorsement from one endorsing bodies, formally recognised by the UK Home Office.

Those who have won an eligible prize from the Home Office’s specified list can also apply under the route, without an endorsement.

If you are seeking an endorsement in the fields of academia or research, arts and culture or digital technology, the Home Office will require an endorsement from one of the approved endorsing bodies, which include the British Academy, the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Royal Society and UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). These bodies are in a position to consider your application, on the strength of the evidence you supply, and, if you meet their criteria, issue an endorsement which will be used in support of your visa application.

Eligibility requirements for a Global talent visa?

  • Most individuals wishing to come to the UK on a Global Talent visa must complete the below two stages: Apply for an endorsement, and
  • Apply for the Global Talent visa 

An individual must apply for entry clearance or leave to remain and must score 70 points. 

How to score 70 points?

If you are applying for entry clearance, you must score the 70 points in one of the following ways:

  • The individual has been issued with an endorsement letter by an endorsing body and
  • At the time when making the application the endorsement must not be older than 3 months and
  • The endorsement must not have been withdrawn by the endorsing body.


  • An applicant making an initial application (not relying on an endorsement) has been awarded a prize listed in Appendix Global Talent: Prestigious Prizes

If you are applying for leave to remain you will score the 70 points:

  • Only if the endorsement was not withdrawn by the endorsing body (where an endorsement was used to qualify for the initial visa); AND
  • You have been able to earn money in the field you have been endorsed in.

Suitability requirements for Global talent route

Under the Immigration Rules (Appendix Global Talent) the following suitability requirements must be met:- 

  • The applicant must not fall for refusal under Part 9: grounds for refusal.
  •  If applying for permission to stay the applicant must not be:
  • (a) in breach of immigration laws, except that where paragraph 39E applies, that period of overstaying will be disregarded; or
  • (b) on immigration bail.

How is the Global talent visa beneficial?

The Global Talent visa comes with many advantages, offering recourse to work in the UK for the applicant, as well as flexible options for employers seeking to hire emerging or promising talent from across the globe within their business sector.

  • Flexibility to the employer

The route offers relief for UK employers who, if employing a Global Talent Migrant, do not need to secure a sponsor licence and do not need to sponsor the individual. The Global Talent visa route offers flexibility and widens opportunities for employers and employees. With restrictions on the overall number of possible endorsements being removed (in contrast to its predecessor, the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa), limitless candidates can now successfully apply from around the world.

  • Unrestricted work

Employers can change roles, and the candidate can change employer, without seeking permission from the Home Office. They can also enter self-employment, set up a company, and/or earn additional income from consultancy or other sources. 

  • Extension of stay for applicants

With a Global Talent visa, one can apply for a visa to live and work for up to five years at a time, with the option to extend visa, multiple times. The route also offers a fast-track settlement route after 3 years of residency in the UK, for eligible applicants.

  • Bring your family and dependents

If your family members meet the eligibility criteria for dependant visas, you can bring them to stay with you. 

  • No English language proficiency needed

Applicants for a Global Talent visa do not need to provide evidence of English language proficiency for entry clearance or leave to remain. For Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), they will need to prove English proficiency, at B1 level in speaking and listening, as defined in the Council of Europe’s common European framework for language and learning, unless an exemption applies.

  • No minimum financial requirements

There is no minimum level of personal funds required for the Global Talent visa. Evidence of your finances will not normally be required for the application.

  • Gateway to settlement and British citizenship

After 3-5 years continuous residence on a Global Talent visa, one will have established a personal route to apply for Settlement, and eventually, apply for British citizenship

How can I apply for it?

There are 2 stages you must complete when applying for a Global Talent visa

Stage 1: Apply for, and secure an endorsement from one of the endorsing bodies approved by the Home Office (not applicable to those who have secured an eligible prize from the Home Office’s approved list)

Stage 2: Complete your visa application

The success of a UK Global Talent visa depends upon you securing an endorsement, where required.

Fast-Track applications

A fast-track application is possible in some circumstances, including:-

  • A named eligible fellowship considered by the British Academy, Royal Society or Royal Academy of Engineering, where applicants must hold a letter of acceptance showing they have been awarded specific research fellowships/ awards or research appointment from one of the bodies listed . On receipt of the confirmation of the relevant fellowship/award the Home Office will forward the evidence to the relevant endorsing body for consideration.
  • Applicants with an eligible appointment considered by the British Academy, Royal Society or Royal Academy of Engineering, where applicants must have been appointed to eligible academic or research positions at UK Higher Education Institute (HEI) or research institutes. The applicant is required to provide a mandatory statement of guarantee from the Director of Human Resources or equivalent of the appointing HEI or research institute. The endorsing body will decide if the evidence for the fast-track is acceptable.
  • UKRI* also run a fast-track scheme. Applicants must be hosted or employed in a UKRI-approved UK research organisation and provide “critical contributions to work supported by a substantial research grant or award from an endorsed funder named on the list approved by UKRI”. Applicants must provide specific written confirmation from the endorsed funder and the director of human resources (or equivalent) of the hosting or employing organisation. 
  • Tech Nation operates a fast-track option for applicants who can provide evidence of being accepted onto a recognised UK accelerator programme as listed on the government webpages. If an applicant is requesting that their application is fast-tracked, their Tech Nation application form will show this. There are no additional evidentiary requirements.

*Currently UKRI also have a temporary concession outside the immigration rules which covers covid-19 researchers.

If the decision-making authorities are satisfied that all the suitability and eligibility requirements for the Global Talent visa route are met by the visa applicant, the application will be granted; otherwise the application will be refused.

If the application is refused the person can apply for an Administrative Review (under Appendix AR: Administrative Review)

Conclusion: If you are an emerging or promising talent… what are you waiting for? The UK is the place for you to channel your talent. 

The Global Talent visa application requires a proactive approach and rigorous effort to document your eligibility and suitability. It would be highly advisable to seek assistance from immigration experts to help through the stages of the process.

At A Y & J Solicitors our experts are specialized in the Global Talent visa application process and have experience handling such cases. We have a proven track record of advising and representing successful applicants looking to remain or enter the UK, using the Global Talent visa route.

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