10 Most Common UK Visa Rejection Reasons – 2021

10 Most Common UK Visa Rejection Reasons – 2022

On May 20, 2021 | In General | By A Y & J Solicitors

It may seem simple when your visa application is granted, but the process of visa approval by the Home Office is strict and rigorous. Each application is being scrutinized thoroughly before approval or rejection. Each year thousands of applications are rejected. At times applicants worry about what possibly could have been wrong with their application. In 2019, the UK visa rejection rate went up to 13%.

Bangladesh, Ghana and Algeria were amongst the countries that faced visa rejections up to 40%. 

This blog provides a list of common visa rejection reasons that you can avoid while applying for a visa. Know all the UK visa rejection reasons to be alert next time when you apply.

1. Incomplete form:  One of the prime reasons for rejection is an incomplete application form. The Home Office deals with innumerable forms each day, and the visa seeker must correctly fill out every information asked. 

2. Mistakes and illegible form

  • Any casual approach towards your visa application form could lead you to wait for another 6 months to re-apply.
  • The visa applicant can take help from professional experts to avoid any such mistake in the form.

3. Irregular fund transfer: showing enough funds in your bank account is mandatory to meet requirements if moving to the UK. However, many applicants show irregular fund transfers or bulk transfers in their bank accounts, leading to visa rejection.

4. Unclear visa category: whether you are going as a student, spouse, or business partner, the visa category must not be overlooked as it reveals the most critical part of your visa application. 

  • Inability to state the correct visa category could lead you to trouble and eventually visa rejection. 
  • One must go through visa guidelines and understand what kind of visa would best suit you. Only then must one begin the application process.
  • Unplanned itinerary or unclear journey is also a reason for visa applicants to remain unclear of their visa category. 
  • For example, if you are going to visit the UK on a business trip but you state your journey for more than 6 months, it puts your application in the rejection category.

5. Criminal record found against the visa seeker: Home Office is strict in documents’ scrutiny. At times visa applicants do not disclose any history of the criminal records or are not aware of it. Any discrepancy, intentional or unintentional, could lead to your visa rejection. It is your responsibility to evidence any history you may have to get your visa approved.

6. Inadequate funds to sustain: While it is the best feeling to be a part of one of the most developed countries, it is mandatory to show enough funds in your bank account to sustain yourself and your family in the UK. The money should prove to be genuine. Avoid bulk money deposits, and it could lead to suspicion and visa rejection. 

  • It may be necessary to follow that your savings are adequately evidenced when you submit the document.
  • The UK has a high standard of living, and your visa won’t get approved if you don’t have enough savings.

 7. disorderly placed documents: Documents are what decides your visa approval or rejection. It would be unwise to risk that. Documents should be in order, adequately placed as asked; else, there is a high possibility of your visa rejection. 

8. Proving the relationship proof: whether you are going with your dependants or spouse or going as dependants or spouse. Evidencing your relationship with the visa applicant is a must and it could lead to a refusal for lack of evidence. 

9. Missing the correct document or Incomplete paperwork: If the supporting documents for your visa application are incomplete, you could be losing your visa. For example, you could not attach your bank details or transcripts or unable to show your relationship with dependant; the Home Office can reject your visa application.

  •  Overlooking your visa application documents could be a severe mistake. 
  • Please make sure you go over the list of the documents asked, assemble them, revise their order and have all the necessary documents to support your application. 
  • If you are going on a work visa, it would be a good idea to showcase a letter from your office stating the reason for your visit. 
  • This document serves as your leave approval application letter.
  • The senior manager should issue the application letter, generally an HR manager on the company’s letterhead. It strengthens your case as it directly exhibits your strong ties with your country, and secondly, you have the intention to come back after work.

10. Lack of expert guidance: experts exist to help us make our work easy, smooth, and timely. Visa application work and the process could be daunting at times. You must seek expert guidance to help you  ease your anxiety and worry less. 

  • Experts represent your case and follow up with the Home Office as well. For example, if you seek a sponsor licence without expert advice or guidance, one is likely to miss some documents and then have to wait for 6 months before your cooling-off period is over. But with expert advice, you can easily save time and a smooth visa application process.

Conclusion: The Home Office is strict and meticulous when it comes to visa processing. Once you apply, it takes  from 15 working days to 6 months, depending on the visa type you are applying for, before you hear from them. In case your visa is rejected, you are given a cooling-off period of about 6 months in some visa type. The 6 month time period could be daunting, and you may be missing out on significant opportunities to work in the UK. 

It is highly recommended that applicants should thoroughly go through the visa application guidance, collect all necessary documents, and take expert advice for visa applications. 

The above 10 reasons are the most common mistakes committed by visa applicants. You must strictly follow to avoid visa rejections.

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