Are You A Sponsor Licence Employer Yet

Time is running out! Are You A Sponsor Licence Employer Yet?

On November 02, 2020 | In Sponsor Licence | By A Y & J Solicitors

The way firms hire from overseas is changing from January 2021. Organisations from many sectors likely to experience a talent shortfall when the transition period between the UK and the EU ends. 87% of UK employers are concerned about how Brexit is going to affect them and the measures to take. One of the utmost crucial steps is to become a sponsor employer if you hire or are planning to recruit overseas talent in the coming year. 

Only 65 days remaining(as of 29th October 2020), when the immigration rules will not be the same as they are now. Potential employers need to adjust to new recruitment changes. But even after so many warnings from the Home Office, only 31,690 organisations have applied for sponsorship.

list of companies with Sponsor Licence


In the data below, you can see the industries and the number of companies having sponsor licences. 

Industry No. of companies
Advertising 378
Administrative and support 1606
Agriculture 53
Architecture 653
Arts, Entertainment 751
Betting 15
Call Center 11
Care Home 153
Civil Engineering 90
Computer Programming 2926
Construction 393
Dental 236
Education 997
Electricity, Gas, Steam, Air 54
Finance, Insurance 1133
Food & Accommodation 541
Household 11
IT, Telecommunication 483
Legal 329
Management 1837
Manufacturing 1742
Medical 82
Mining and Quarrying 116
Others 12421
Public administration, Government 19
Publishing 180
Radio and Television 36
Real estate 224
Recruitment 283
Religious 284
Rental 62
Scientific Research 372
Security 44
Social Work 617
Software Publishing 188
Transportation & Storage 284
Vetenary 56
Video or Music Production 264
Water, Waste management 27
Wholesale & Retail 1615

What advisories think of recruitment gaps post Brexit

The reports published by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) shows sectors such as healthcare, supply chains & logistics, and technology will face manpower pressures. Occupations such as engineers, programmers, web designers, medical practitioners, artists, dancers and nurses are currently under the shortage occupation list, and recruitment situations might worsen when the free movement ends.   

What might be the impact of not having a sponsor licence post-Brexit

  • Won’t be able to hire skilled foreign workers:
    When the free movement between the EU and the UK ends overseas talent and people from EU nations will be treated equally. You will need a sponsor licence if you wish to hire skilled staff from overseas. 
  • Difficulty in building your dream team:
    Post- Brexit the processing time of sponsor licence applications likely to increase. Either you will have to be a part of a stiff competition with other organisations to recruit British citizens or have to wait for a longer time to get your Sponsor Licence to hire skilled overseas staff. 

Do you hire/anticipate to hire skilled staff from overseas?

You might be seeing the application fees and the application process a considerable resource investment. But from January 2021, if you employ skilled foreign workers you have more freedom as RLMT (RESIDENT LABOUR MARKET TEST) is also getting abolished. Thus, being a sponsor employer is highly beneficial, and we can help in you being a sponsor employer.

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