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Tier 4 General Entry Clearance Application 1st Attempt Refused—Approved With Our Representation

Are you making an entry clearance application from abroad? It is very important to have your application and documents checked by a professional to ensure that it complies with the relevant rules and requirements. If refused, not only does it affect you but also your dependents and their hopes and dreams. This happened to the following young lady.

Student Turns 18, No Longer Qualifies as Dependant

Miss Z lived in the UK for over four years as the PBS Child Dependant on her parents. She attended an international school in the UK and successfully completed her Diploma qualification. The family had to return to Nigeria after her parent’s Tier 2 Sponsorship was terminated due to unexpected circumstances. They made an application for entry clearance back to the UK after one of her parents found a job with NHS. Unfortunately, their applications were refused due to insufficient information and missing documents. The family had to re-apply for an entry clearance, requiring their prospective employer to re-assign a certificate of sponsorship. By the time they were able to gather the correct documents for a fresh application, Miss Z had reached the age of 18 and was no longer eligible to be a PBS Dependant of her parent.

Miss Z’s family had to travel to the UK without her. Due to her young age, her father had to travel between the 2 countries, sometimes staying in Nigeria with Miss Z. To minimise the impact of the situation on Miss Z’s studies, the family helped her to apply to university in the UK, and she was granted admission to study a Bachelor’s degree course.

Tier 4 Student Visa Unexpectedly Denied, Student is Devastated

Miss Z applied for a Tier 4 visa to permit her to move back to the UK and further her studies.

Her application was refused by the Home Office on the grounds that they were not satisfied that she was a genuine student. Home Office was also not satisfied that the financial documents the family provided satisfied the maintenance requirement.

Her application was refused by the Home Office on the grounds that they were not satisfied that she was a genuine student. Home Office was also not satisfied that the financial documents the family provided satisfied the maintenance requirement.

Even though she could reapply for a Tier 4 General visa, by this time she had missed the start date of her course. Miss Z had to abandon her plan to further her studies in the UK for at least a year.

The family had no choice but to stay in the UK without Miss Z, with her father continuing to travel between the two countries. After a year, Miss Z successfully got an offer for admission to a new university. Miss Z’s parents asked for our assistance with her Tier 4 General entry clearance application. They were determined that she would finally receive permission to live in the UK and continue her studies.

Strong Legal Representation Gains Quick Tier 4 Student Visa Approval

We assessed her immigration history and provided a comprehensive document checklist including the documents required to address the issue of genuineness. We prepared her for a visa interview before the submission and represented her in her application. In less than a week, her Tier 4 General Student entry clearance was approved, and she was granted leave to enter the UK and further her studies. Miss Z travelled to the UK not only for her studies but to finally be reunited with her family.

We are delighted that we could offer the right immigration advice and support and help this family and their daughter reunite and continue to pursue her dreams. If you need help with your entry clearance application, or with any UK immigration matter, please contact us today. We’re here to help.

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