Successful Sponsor Licence Application for Senior or Specialist Workers After Compliance Visit

Successful Sponsor Licence Application for Senior or Specialist Workers After Compliance Visit

On January 13, 2023 | In Global Business Mobility | By A Y & J Solicitors


Mr K is the director of a Company which was incorporated in April 2016. The company has a wholly-owned subsidiary in Russia. The company instructed us that they require to sponsor a Senior or Specialist Workers from the Russian subsidiary. The company deals in providing IT services.

The Company needed to sponsor employees from the overseas subsidiary company based in Russia to expand and consolidate its business in the UK. For this purpose, Mr K required sponsor licence to sponsor the overseas staff in the UK. 

Mr K approached A Y & J Solicitors seeking guidance on applying for a Sponsor Licence for his Company. 

How we helped

We advised Mr K that we can make an application under the Global Business Mobility visa in order to sponsor senior or specialist workers in the UK. 

The Global Business Mobility SNR scheme is the immigration scheme that enables UK employers to transfer overseas workers who are undertaking temporary work assignment in the UK. The worker is a senior manager or specialist employee and is being assigned to a UK business linked to their employer overseas.

We also explained the requirements of the Sponsor Licence application. A company cannot employ a skilled worker from outside the UK without a Sponsor Licence. We guided Mr K step-by-step through the online application process and provided further guidance for the submission of documents to the Home Office. We also provided advice to Mr K on sponsor record-keeping and compliance duties. We also helped Mr K by conducting an immigration compliance audit to review the company’s human resource policies and procedures. There was also a compliance visit from Home Office to check that the company was complying with its duties and responsibilities.


After the submission of the application and compliance visit, our client’s Sponsor Licence application was approved, and the company was now eligible to sponsor overseas staff. 

Mrs K was delighted with the result, and he is looking forward to working again with us for assistance with his employee’s application.

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