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Successful Self Sponsorship for our Indian client, a Director of a UK based company within the construction industry


Our client, Mr LALMALSAWMA, a successful Indian businessman within the construction industry based in India was considering expanding the business operations in Europe.  The client along with his family were familiar with the United Kingdom, and they decided to make the United Kingdom their home and their business European Hub.  With the closure of the Tier 1 Entrepreneur and Tier 1 Investor visas, our client did not have many options to come to the UK, establish, or invest in a UK based company.  Mr LALMALSAWMA was looking for a UK visa which would allow him to own his UK company, make decisions and at the same time be able to live and work for his own company with little restrictions.  Having explored other immigration advice, he was assured that there is no UK visa which will provide him the following:  establish a company in the UK, be a director and 100% shareholder.  The family were also looking to eventually be in a position to apply for indefinite leave to remain at a later stage.

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How we helped

Mr LALMALSAWMA found our contact details online and arranged a paid initial consultation. Mr LALMALSAWMA spoke to one of our Solicitors in the firm who assured him that the Self Sponsorship may be an available option for him and his family to come to the UK, work and eventually settle down.  We informed our client that the Self Sponsorship route is a three stages process which incorporates the following:

Stage 1 – Assist to establish a UK based company with the assistance of a Chartered Accountant,

Stage 2 – Assist to prepare and submit the UK based company skilled worker sponsor licence, and

Stage 3 – Assist to prepare and submit the skilled work visa application for our client and his family.

Following the establishment of his UK based company, we prepared the company sponsor licence application which was approved within a short period of time.  It is worth mentioning that the sponsor licence application was approved without a Home Office compliance visit.  A defined certificate of sponsorship was obtained and assigned to our client for a period of five years, followed by the submission and approval of his skilled worker visa.

During the process of the sponsorship licence, the defined certificate of sponsorship and skilled worker visa the client was not invited for an interview with the Home Office nor his application had been delayed.  Despite being doubtful of the self-sponsorship visa, merely because such visa is not on the Home Office portal our client is now in the United Kingdom running his own company while on a skilled worker visa.  The self-sponsorship is a product which allows a migrant to own a company, self-sponsor in the company he/she owns as a skilled worker without worrying that they may lose their job as is the case in the event a migrant works for an employer.


With our help, Mr LALMALSAWMA holds a skilled worker visa for a period of 5 years.

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