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Complex Settlement Application as a Tier 2 General migrant – Tax Issues. Successful!

Mr M had been living in the UK as a Tier 2 General migrant working for an IT company and had received an offer from a new employer. During the time he worked for his previous employer, Mr M received payslips and was paid a salary into his UK bank account on time every month.

As required for a change in employer, he applied for further leave to remain as a Tier 2 General migrant working for a new employer. His application was retained by the Home Office for further enquiries. Numerous documents were requested by the Home Office in relation to his previous employment, which included his P60s.

Old Employer Did Not Give P60s, A Y & J Solicitors Helps Client Get FLR (Extension)

At this point, Mr M realised that he had never received a P60 from his previous employer. Despite several attempts to request the P60s, he was not provided with them. In the last communication with his previous employer, he was told that the company could not provide him with P60s. After further investigation, he found out that his previous employer had failed to pay the income tax and national insurance for him even though it had been deducted from his salary. Mr M was shocked and distraught when he discovered this. With less than a year to complete his 5-year stay in the UK as a Tier 2 General migrant, he was facing difficulties in extending his leave to stay in the UK and then receive the settlement.

Mr M came to A Y & J Solicitors when his Tier 2 application was pending. Based on the individual case’s circumstances, we advised and assisted Mr M in addressing the concerns raised by the Home Office. Mr M was subsequently granted further leave to remain as a Tier 2 General migrant.

Settlement (ILR) Application Faces Challenges on Tax Issues

The complication of this application was again the issue of his previous employer failing to pay income tax and national insurance for him.

After completing the 5-year of stay in the UK as a Tier 2 General migrant, Mr M again came to us to assist him in his settlement application. The complication of this application was again the issue of his previous employer failing to pay income tax and national insurance for him. We provided detailed advice on the information and documents required for Mr M to address this issue and guided him in gathering all the specific documents required for the settlement application.

Client Can Enjoy Living and Working in the UK With Settlement (ILR) Approved

Mr M’s settlement application was approved without further enquiries from the Home Office. He can now focus on his career and enjoy his family lived in the UK. His wife and child who are his dependents will be looking to settle in the UK early next year, and Mr M has already contacted us for our assistance with his family’s immigration matters.

We love to help our clients with their complex immigration matters. Providing the right legal advice to our clients and getting successful outcomes for them gives us immense job satisfaction. We are proud of what we are doing. We love our job!

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It was my one of the best decision to choose A Y & J Solicitors for my complicated immigration case. They are very professional people providing a wonderful service. Even after a rejection of my Initial Application, they manage to overturn the decision in Administrative Review with very strong arguments. Throughout my application process, they always gave me the confidence regarding the case. I would like to thank specially to Sok Wei for taking every detail and present the case very strongly and obviously to Yash who gave me the confidence in the very first meeting. So I would recommend A Y & J Solicitors to everyone who is looking for the best solicitors firm. You will be in safe hands. Thank You

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