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South Africans are eagerly moving their businesses and UK sees this as an opportunity to grow and help them grow. The UK offers one of the best education, the worlds best infrastructure, quality life and an innumerable source of growth. 

Learn everything you possibly need to know about UK visa applications for South Africans planning to move to the UK here.

Visa that allows you to visit

Standard Visitor visa

This visa allows you to visit the UK briefly, depending on the purpose of your visit. You could be visiting for any reason like medical treatments, conferences, vacation, etc.

 General Visitor visa

If you intend to visit the UK leisurely on a family trip or meet a friend, you may apply for a General visitor visa. 

A general visitor visa does not allow you to do any work, be it paid or unpaid, marry anyone, or live in the UK visa regular visitation. You must intend to leave the country post your visit.  

Who can apply

To be eligible for a General Visitor visa, you need to have enough money to support yourself and your family for the duration of your stay, buy your return trip, and must show proof of any business activities you want to do while you’re there.

Private medical treatment: You must prove that you have a medical condition that needs treatment in the UK and that you have enough money to pay for your treatment. Also, you must prove you’re not a danger to public health.

Organ donor: You can only donate organs to genetic relations or close friends legally allowed to be in the UK.

Transit visa

Suppose you’re passing through the United Kingdom, you would possibly get to apply for a transit visa on the way to a different country. 

There are two types of transit visas:

  • Direct Airside Transit Visa (DATV)
  • Visitor in Transit visa

Marriage Visitor visa

If you want to get married in the UK but don’t wish to live there, you can apply for a Marriage Visitor visa. This visa allows you to be in the UK for 6 months.

Parent of Tier 4 child visa

This visa is for parents visiting their child who is either studying or will study in a school in the UK. Your child needs to be attending an independent fee-paying day school, and you can visit them for either 6 or 12 months at a time.

Visas that let you work in the UK

Tier 5 visas – Temporary worker

This visa is for short-term work in the UK and offers a variety of categories in it::

  • Charity worker
  • Religious worker
  • Creative and sporting
  • Youth Mobility Scheme visa
  • Government authorised exchange
  • International agreement

Charity Worker visa

This Tier 5 visa category is for those looking for unpaid work on a volunteer basis for any charity.

Religious Worker visa

This visa covers religious work, such as working in a religious order or preaching. Your visa will be valid for up to 24 months

Creative and Sporting visa

If you’re willing to move to the UK as a creative worker or sportsperson, this visa can be your right choice. 

Youth Mobility Scheme Visa

If you are willing to work in the UK for two years and are aged 18 to 30 years, this visa could be for you. You will have to apply three months before your travel.

Government Authorised Exchange Visa

This visa comes under the Temporary Work Visa. If you are looking to participate in any government language programme or do any training, or take work experience, this visa would be beneficial.

International Agreement visa

This visa allows you to work relating to international law for a foreign government or a diplomatic residence or consulate.

Long-term work Visa

This visa allows you to stay for a more extended period in the UK. There are four significant categories of work visa:

  • Skilled Worker Visa
  • Intra-company transfer visa
  • Minister of Religion visa (T2)
  • Sportsperson visa

Skilled Worker Visa

Tier 2 visa has been replaced by Skilled Worker Visa. If you have an offer of a skilled job in the UK and are looking to relocate and work for a long time, this visa will be required. 

Intra-company Transfer visa

The Intra-company Transfer visa allows employees to relocate from a company’s overseas office to the UK office or branch.

Minister of Religion visa

If you’re a missionary, member of a religious sect or a minister, you can apply for a Minister of Religion visa. You must have a licensed sponsor of your field.

Sportsperson visa

These visa requirements say that you must be a skilled sportsperson or qualified coach at your profession’s highest international level. The governing body of your sport must sponsor your application.

Language requirement

All visas except the Intra-company Transfer visa have an English language proficiency requirement. You need to pass the proficiency test and prove your qualification from a recognised institution

Sole Representative Visa

If you are a senior member of an overseas business and are looking to expand their operations in the UK, they may consider sending you as their Sole Representative.  

The overseas business will need to show genuine trading, have a fully operational headquarters, evidence enough funds to support the UK entity’s commercial presence in the UK.  

Tier 1 visas – innovators, start-ups and investors 

The Tier 1 visa is specifically for innovators, start-ups, and investors.

Innovator visa

If you’ve got an innovative business idea and want to set up your business in the UK, the Innovator visa could help.

Start-up visa

The Start-up visa is similar to an Innovator visa but has broader eligibility. The endorsement or approval organisation list extends to UK higher education institutions, and you need not have any start-up funds.

Investor visa

Applicants looking for a Tier 1 (Investor) visa must invest at least £2,000,000 in the UK. It can be done through government bonds, share capital or loan capital.

Global Talent Visa

Global Talent visa is for people with exceptional talent or emerging talent. The categories include:

  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Medicine
  • Digital technology
  • Architecture
  • Humanities
  • The arts
  • Fashion
  • Film and television

Tier 4 visas

There are two types of tier 4 student visas: 

Child student visa

The Tier 4 (Child) student visa is for children between the age of 4 and 17. The students who plan to study at private schools in the UK.

General student visa

In case you’re 16 years or more established and have been offered a spot to learn at a college or school, you can apply for a Tier 4 (General) understudy visa.

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