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Understand More About The Sponsor Licence
Process with our helpful resources



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"I engaged A Y & J approx 7 months ago to assist my business in obtaining a worker visa, the process was seamless, well explained in lamens terminology and also excellent support. Would highly recommend their services, a really great service with excellent outcomes"

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"It was pleasure for me that you did all my work.Everything went very smoothly.Thankyou so much."

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With A Y & J Solicitors managing your sponsor licence application, all the stress is taken out of the process. Contact our team today and let our specialist immigration lawyers give you the peace of mind you deserve that your application is in expert hands.

Frequently asked questions

What are the eligibility requirements for a sponsor licence?

To apply for a sponsor licence, your organization must be active and legally established in the UK, with necessary registrations with relevant statutory bodies and appropriate planning permissions for your business premises.

  • As a UK sponsor licence employer, you must prove to the Home Office that you can provide genuine skilled employment at the appropriate salary level.
  • You must pledge to fulfil all the duties associated with the sponsor licence.
  • Individuals can’t usually sponsor, except sole traders looking to sponsor skilled workers in their business.


For assistance with any UK immigration law concerns, contact A Y & J Solicitors. We’re here to help!

How much does a sponsor licence application cost?

The cost of sponsor licence depends upon the size of your organisation. The Sponsor licence fee for medium to large organisations is £1,476. The Sponsor licence fee for a small organisation will be  £536.

You can calculate the cost of a sponsor licence application to your business by clicking here. 

Suppose you hold a ‘Skilled Worker’ sponsor licence and want to add a subcategory like the Senior or Specialist Worker Visa. In that case, you can apply without a fee through the Sponsor Management System.

Click here to read more about the cost of a skilled sponsor licence.

How can my organisation apply for a sponsor licence?

To apply for a sponsor licence, companies must file an online form with four key documents and a cover letter about their UK operations. The Home Office may request extra HR documentation and conduct compliance checks on-site or online, with alternative locations possible if needed.

Our team can conduct a mock audit of your HR procedures prior to your formal application being made to identify any weaknesses and put in place an action plan to rectify them.

What documents will my company need to apply for a sponsor licence?

Submit at least four mandatory documents with the Skilled Worker licence application. Document types vary by entity: public body, start-up, franchise, or SME.

Required documents may include:

  • Latest bank statement.
  • Employer’s liability insurance (minimum £5 million).
  • VAT registration certificate.
  • HMRC employer registration (PAYE and Accounts Office Reference Numbers).
  • Business premises ownership or lease evidence.
  • Recent accounts (audited if legally required).
  • Regulatory body registration, if applicable.


For Senior/Specialist Worker Visa subcategory, provide proof of common ownership with an overseas company.

Specific licences require different documents; our team offers tailored checklists.

Multiple sponsor licence subcategories can be applied simultaneously if criteria are met.

How can I get a sponsor licence?

To get a UK sponsor licence, employers should:

  1. Verify eligibility by ensuring they can provide necessary documents proving the company’s legitimate operation in the UK.
  2. Select the correct type of licence for their needs.
  3. Assign an Authorising Officer, typically a senior recruitment figure like a director or HR manager, to oversee the Sponsor Management System (SMS) and ensure compliance with sponsorship duties. Also, appoint a level 1 user, usually an employee, to manage the SMS and handle CoS assignments for migrant workers. Additional level 1 users can be added post-licence.
  4. Submit the online application and pay the fee, which is £536 for small or charitable organisations and £1,476 for medium or large organisations.

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