New Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules: HC 1248

On March 09, 2021 | In General | By A Y & J Solicitors

On 04 March 2021, a new statement of changes was published following the continuous reform of the UK Immigration system and the changes are to take effect on 06 April 2021. Most of the changes cover the work and study visa categories under the Points Based Immigration System. The statement is divided into multiple sections which will be executed over the course of the year and not altogether. Major sections can be found being implemented from 06 April 2021. 

There are a couple of new appendices, and these include an appendix for the new Graduate visa and another listing prizes that will automatically qualify a candidate for a Global Talent visa.  Several changes have been implemented for the domestic workers visa route. 

The above-mentioned routes are the ones with major changes. However, little tweaks and twerks have been made in almost all immigration rules. 

In the recent few months, we have seen a multitude of changes and new visa routes that have been introduced by the House of Commons. We believe that latest statement of changes is just the final document cementing the foundation of them all in one go. 

We have outlined below the major changes which are due to be implemented: 

  1. The Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) requires prospective students to take certain courses to qualify in case they learn anything of military information that could prove fatal in the hands of an enemy nation. The scheme is due to be extended to certain sponsored individuals as their job requires them to be around the said information. The changes are due to take effect on 21 May 2021. 
  2. The shortage occupation list expanded to include more jobs from within the Health and Care industry. To be precise 8 Job title have been added to the list. 
  3. The minimum pay for a skilled worker will now be decided on an hourly basis rather than an annual basis. The pay cannot be less than £10.10 per hour
  4. Prospective candidates to the Global Talent Visa route will be able to apply under the scheme without having to receive an endorsement from the appointed endorsing bodies if he/she is a winner of any of the prestigious awards listed in the new appendix Global Talent. This will be executed from 05 May 2021. 
  5. The overseas domestic worker route has been simplified further. 
  6. Hong Kong BNO visa holders who were not earlier allowed to access the public funds can now apply for a change of conditions if destitute or in imminent danger of destitution. 
  7. Several changes to the visitor visa: Permitted activities which may work well for companies who need temporary staff to dismantle, repair, service, or advise on equipment, computer software or hardware, where the manufacturer or supplier has a contract of purchase or supply or lease with a UK company or organisation. 

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