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Immigration Haul

Immigration Haul

Mar 22, 2021
Last Updated on May 22, 2024

The U.K. government has been working for quite a while to create a system in which people cannot take advantage of where the last-minute claims by offenders and asylum seekers are concerned. 

The government has often been quoted saying that the number of last-minute pledges by immigration offenders has become a business. People are taking advantage of a system created to help the vulnerable. 

Commenting on the analysis, Minister for Immigration Compliance and Justice, Chris Philp, said:

“We know that our asylum system is open to abuse by those who have no right to remain in the U.K, and these stark figures demonstrate the difficulties we face when seeking to remove people. These last-minute claims waste the time of judges and our courts and delaying the process of assessing claims from the most vulnerable. This is why we will comprehensively overhaul our asylum system and build one which is fair but firm. This will allow us to better protect and support those genuinely in need but remove more easily from the U.K. those with no right to be here.” (Source:

Around 80% of cases registered for late claims by immigration offenders, those living in the U.K. illegally, are bogus and keep the actual cases away from the government’s eyes. 

The government is working on creating a system that will allow the neediest people to access the support they should get faster. The system will be one that immigration offenders cannot easily abuse.

Until now, too, every application is carefully observed and researched before a decision is made, but that leads to the delay of years for those who need help. Hence, we believe that this idea to reform the system is a necessary one.

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