Health and Care Sector needs to be assessed and added to SOL

Health and Care Sector needs to be assessed and added to SOL

Apr 01, 2021
Last Updated on May 22, 2024

Rishi Sunak’s new budget, released on 3 March 2021, brought forth a long list of changes that are being implemented in the coming months. The budget is majorly focused on improving the previous items in the list of the things not working well. 

One such change that was announced was the inclusion of 8 new professions from the Health and care sector to the SOL that is the Shortage Occupation List. 

The professions that have been added to the list are senior care workers, laboratory technicians, pharmacists, nursing assistants and a few more. This is an attempt to allow individuals working in this field of health and care to obtain a Skilled Worker Visa in their chosen profession.

The list may soon also include some other professions like health directors, managers, day and domiciliary managers, and other unclassified professions like hygiene therapists and audiologists. More details can be found on the government’s website about the professions that have been included or may soon be included. 

This has been a bold and required move. The shortage of health and care workers was a concern of the National Health Services, especially during the pandemic. 

Commenting on the expansion of the SOL, the Minister for Future Borders and Immigration, Kevin Foster, said: “Every year we welcome healthcare workers from across the world to our the United Kingdom, with many having played a key role on the frontline of the NHS during the recent pandemic.” (Source:

“This latest set of changes, combined with our Health and Care Visa, will ensure they can easily get the immigration status they deserve,” Mr Foster added.

 Rishi Sunak’s budget has also planned to transform the currently failing Global Talent Visa and hopes to see a rise in applications over the next couple of years

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