Apply for Immigration Solicitor / Paralegal / Lawyer / Case Worker position

We are always looking for talented, razor-sharp, creative people to join our team. Based in Chancery Lane, London, our culture is a combination of traditional focus on client service and legal expertise alongside a flexible, positive, innovative environment, designed to bring out the best in every member of our team.

Everything we do is to benefit our clients. Exceptional reviews from our clients demonstrates the energy and effort everyone on our team puts into ensuring clients have a positive experience when instructing us.

At A Y & J Solicitors, we do not believe in departmental silos. Everyone bands together to get the job done and ensure the client receives the best solution for their Immigration matter. Often major decisions have to be made quickly for our clients; therefore, we have created an office environment where every member of staff has the confidence to seek advice and support when they need it.

Why Join the A Y & J Solicitors Team?

The concept of quality permeates every aspect of our work. This results in an optimistic, enthusiastic team environment. Everyone in our office takes pride in the work we accomplish through our excellent client service and focus on results.

We are experienced immigration lawyers, and we place great value on honesty and dedication to our purpose. We are excited by the excellent growth our company is experiencing, and we recognise that our success is due to the commitment of an outstanding team. Our values such as diligence, business acumen, finding the best solutions for the client, compassion, and personal integrity direct every aspect of our work; a factor which contributes to an outstanding office atmosphere and friendly environment.

Although we work hard, and each team member manages a dynamic case-load, we understand that rest, play, and personal health are vital to ensure the happiness and well-being of our staff.  Our management team encourages reasonable hours, clear expectations, and a level of autonomy for all our staff, alongside an open-door policy whereby everyone feels valued and able to express their concerns freely.

What We Offer

We are always open to approaches from intelligent, like-minded lawyers to join us. Our cases can be demanding and intellectually challenging.  However, the environment we work in is both intimate and supportive.  If you are a highly motivated lawyer or paralegal, and believe you share our values, we want to hear from you.

At A Y & J Solicitors, we are looking for professionals who can take the initiative, work independently, and play a strong collaborative role within our team.  All our staff value high intellect, and mental and emotional maturity.  We invest the time and energy required for recruiting and retaining the best immigration specialists in the country.

To this end, we provide excellent remuneration packages, a solid career path and a friendly, positive environment.

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