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Today, I want to talk to you about the Points based system dependent visa also known as PBS dependent Visa.

This is a very important visa for anyone who wants to bring their loved ones to the UK.

Presuming you are the sponsor and having your current visa under points based system then you could invite your family that means your spouse or partner, and your children under 18 years of age.

One of the important part of your Dependent Visa application is proof of funds that means maintenance requirement. The Home Office needs to be assured that you have the funds to care for any dependents in the UK. You must show proof that the specified amount of money was held in a regulated financial institution, always and at least for 90 days. If you do not have these funds, and if you are currently under Tier 2 category, it might be possible for the employer to certify the maintenance.

Those living in the UK with a dependent Visa are not able to receive public funds, but they are able to work, attend school, and receive NHS health care. After they have lived in the UK for 5 continuous years, they could qualify for Indefinite Leave to Remain also known as settlement, and then after possibly qualify for British Citizenship.

It’s important to send The Home Office a carefully prepared, thorough application including all specified evidence. Normally, the Home office will not make allowances for incomplete application.

This is really about families being together, and we don’t want anything to delay or deny this. Make sure you carefully review all the documentation you need for the Dependent Visa.

A non-exhaustive list of documents includes but not limited to the proof of the sponsor’s UK employment, proof of marriage/partnership for a spouse or partner, full birth certificates for any children under 18, and proof of your financial resources.

All time sensitive information, such as bank statements, must be current, and any documents not in English or Welsh must be translated by a certified translation agency.

Of course, the reward for careful applications is having your family with you in the UK, quickly with least hassle.

If you require more information/assistance in relation to the dependent Visa application, then please get in touch with us.

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Thank you.

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