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We have been asked many times about our USP that means unique selling points. we hadn’t thought much about USP before being asked, because we hadn’t really thought about selling our services to clients. We always thought as to why our client should buy our services, so the correct term should not be USP but rather UBP that means Unique Buying Points.

To answer the question about our UBP, we evaluated our client reviews so we could understand how our clients saw us.

These reviews were left at the independent review collecting website Trustpilot.

As of today, we have more than 300 client reviews and counting. We looked at these reviews to see what our clients thought, made us unique and differentiated us from other firms.

The result is 11 Unique Buying Points for A Y & J Solicitors according to our clients.

The first one that stands out in nearly all reviews is professional. Clients consistently state that we are professional, as well as efficient, helpful, and approachable. These are the top four UBPs. The next four are friendly, reassuring, expert and honest.

Other qualities that were repeated in the reviews are great customer service, reliable and do whatever it takes.

So, whether you call them USPs or UBPs, these are the points our clients list when they talk about A Y & J Solicitors.

Many of our clients are professionals and highly educated. But sometimes the circumstances that bring them to us leave them stressed, confused, and unable to think clearly about their situation. We are honoured to step into this difficult time in their lives and direct them to the right information and documentation that allows us to prepare a successful case.

We do whatever it takes to legally and swiftly to get the job done for each client. We are proud of what we do, and the opportunity to make lives better every single day.

If you require legal assistance with your UK Immigration matter, please get in touch with us. Our contact details are at the bottom of this video. We’re happy to help. Thank you.

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