Best ways to hire skilled workers post-Brexit

Best ways to hire skilled workers post-Brexit

On January 30, 2021 | In Sponsor Licence | By A Y & J Solicitors

With the UK leaving the European Union, the UK and other European economies have been affected significantly. With the ending of free movement, a deep impact has been observed on the UK labour market. 

A paper published in 2018 by the University of Glasgow and the University of Edinburgh along with support from the Economic and Social Research Council predicted a more restrictive policy in the upcoming years. 

Now that the new immigration rules have been formally implemented, the rules are more rigid for EEA nationals, in line with the Government’s promise to end free movement. From 1 January 2020, EEA nationals are now subject to the same immigration regime as all other non-UK nationals. All employers need to be aware of changes to the rules that may affect their recruitment plans. 

We at AYJ believe that it would be in the best interest of all businesses to review their recruitment strategies in good time and before they find themselves with key vacancies and a limited talent pool to recruit from. 

We would like to suggest a few ways to help employers create a post-Brexit hiring strategy which would help them stay a step ahead with the changes to the immigration rules and sponsor licence policy:

  1. Apply for a sponsor licence: The upcoming post-Brexit period will come with a shortage of labour. So, to be one step ahead, you would need to apply for a sponsor licence if you do not already have one. A sponsor licence allows a UK based business to hire non-UK residents if they feel that the talent based in the UK cannot fulfil the requirements of the particular position. You can learn more about sponsor licence here.
  2. Connect with Recruitment Agencies or Experts: Hiring a recruitment agency or expert Head-hunters will allow you to have access to the international pool of talent. With increased predicted skills shortages, you are best advised to make use of these agencies and see what the talent market has to offer to your business.
  3. Attract Young Talent: In recent years, a decline in interest from young people in some key Engineering fields has been witnessed. According to an article, the UK government last year invested £84 million in the field of technical education to address the shortage of labour in technical fields. Also, more than 40% of employers in the fields of aerospace, automotive and manufacturing have reported a shortage of skilled labour in the last few years and now with the end of freedom of movement, a further decline in the labour force is predicted.
    The best way to attract young talent towards these skill-based career opportunities is to introduce a system of apprenticeship. This may allow them to learn important hands-on skills without having to attend university or spend extended periods of time in a solely academic environment.
  4. Diversification: Growing and developing your recruitment strategies overtime should be of paramount importance. At times, the eligibility criteria you set for a job may be too rigid and make you miss out on great talent. This is the time to assess your requirements and diversify your workforce, based on skill and talent.
    It has been mentioned in multiple studies that less than 10% of women are employed in technical fields in Britain. Unjust recruitment practices against minorities and women have left a huge untapped potential talent pool that can be used to harness new energy if one decides.
  5. Employee Retention: Make sure to provide appropriate benefits packages and attractive wages to your current employees.When looking for a job, an attractive benefits package is the first thing a potential employee considers. A good package can keep a current employee motivated and make them feel important. It is also important to maintain a happy working environment to allow employees to feel relaxed and engaged. A positive and stimulating working environment helps increase work-productivity and overall performance.

Some simple steps can help you grow your businesses exponentially.

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