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Unlock Global Talent: Mastering UK Home Office Regulations for Overseas Hiring

Event Date & Time:
May 31, 2023 from 01:00 PM | BST

Your Comprehensive Guide to Acquiring and Retaining a Sponsor Licence: Key Insights, Practical Steps, and Expert Advice

Are you a UK business struggling to find the right talent locally? Hiring from overseas may be the solution you need to fill critical roles and grow your business. However, navigating the UK Home Office’s requirements for hiring overseas workers can be complex and overwhelming.

Join us for this webinar, where we will provide valuable insights on the key requirements for hiring from overseas, including affordability, eligibility, and the resources needed to obtain and retain a sponsor licence. We will also discuss the importance of evaluating the need for a sponsor licence before embarking on the application process.

By the end of this webinar, you will clearly understand the UK Home Office requirements for hiring from overseas and the steps involved in obtaining and retaining a sponsor licence. You will also gain insights into evaluating the need for a sponsor licence and the resources required.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and take the first steps towards successfully hiring from overseas. Register now to secure your spot!

Webinar Agenda:

I. Overview of Hiring from Overseas

  • Discuss the challenges of finding the right talent locally
  • Explain how hiring from overseas can help businesses fill critical roles and grow
  • Outline the benefits of hiring from overseas

II. Sponsor Licence Requirements

  • Discuss the eligibility criteria for obtaining a sponsor licence
  • Explain the financial requirements and affordability criteria
  • Describe the evidential requirements for obtaining a sponsor licence

III Sponsor Licence Application Process

  • Explain the steps involved in the sponsor licence application process
  • Discuss the key documents required for the application
  • Describe the timeline for processing the application

IV. Retaining Your Sponsor Licence

  • Explain the compliance requirements for retaining a sponsor licence
  • Discuss the consequences of non-compliance
  • Outline the reporting requirements for sponsors

V. Q&A Session

  • Address questions and concerns from participants.

Webinar Host:
Yash Dubal | UK Immigration Expert

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