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Today I want to talk to you about the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Extension.

If you’re currently in the UK on an Entrepreneur Visa, then I guess you’re a hard-working person. You’ve proven to the Home Office that you’ve got the skills and resources to start a business here and contributing to the UK economy.

Once you’ve received your initial visa, it is valid for 3 years and 4 months. Before it expires, you must apply for extension for another 2 years, which takes you to the 5-year qualifying period for your permanent residency. When you’ve lived in the UK under Tier 1 Entrepreneur category for 5 years, you could qualify for ILR – settlement subject to relevant immigration rules, and then one year later your British Citizenship. There are also some circumstances that enable you to apply for accelerated settlement in only 3 years.

You can see how important it is to have your Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa extension approved. Without it, you lose the permission to stay in the UK. If you have family with you, they also might have to leave if your visa extension application is denied.

Before you apply for your extension, make sure you’ve met the requirements.

Let’s talk about 5 basic but non-exhaustive requirements for tier1 entrepreneur extension.

Number 1: You must be registered as a director of your company or be self-employed at your business and registered as such with HMRC.

Number 2. You must have invested and spent your required funds in a valid UK business.

Number 3: you should have created at least two new full-time jobs for UK settled workers for at least 12 months.

Number 4: meet the maintenance requirement of the application.

Number 5: and Very importantly, the Home Office is also looking for proof that your business is legitimate and credible.

Let’s touch some possible visa refusal reasons. The Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa extension is often denied because all the conditions have not been met or failure to submit specified evidence to support the application. It’s very important that the application is filled out carefully, and all documentations are included. Make sure that you include originals or certified copies, and that all documents support the Home Office’s requirements. You can request an Administrative Review to appeal a refusal, but the best approach is always to submit a strong application, the first time around to avoid any disappointment.

If you’re getting ready to apply for a Tier 1 visa extension, get your application fully prepared! Do you need a professional support and complete peace of mind for your t1 entrepreneur extension application??

We can use our expert knowledge and attention to detail to work for your successful application. Get in touch with us, our contact details are at the bottom of this video. We’re happy to help.

Thank you.

Brochure of Tier 1 Entrepreneur Extension

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Extension

How Can I Ensure my Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Extension Application is Approved?
What do you need to know about a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa extension:

The initial Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa is valid for three years and four months. You must apply for extension before your initial visa expires. For your extension application to be approved you must satisfy a set of requirements as listed below: You must be registered as a director or as self-employed within six months from the date you were given permission to stay in the UK as a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur); You must prove that you have been self-employed or working as a director of a business during visa period when you apply for the extension; You must have invested all your investment funds of £200,000 in one or more UK business;

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Tier 1 Entrepreneur Extension

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Extension Visa

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Hello everyone it’s a great place to get ur immigration matters done. AY&J solicitors got most experienced staff who helped me in getting my enterpreneur extention. They are very professional and honest, they advised me in a right way and gave me confidence in all the steps of my entrepreneur extention.

I would like to say a huge thank you to A Y & J Solicitors especially to Diana and Yash. Initially my tier 1 extension grant was refused due to lack of supporting documents and I had to reapply back in my home country. I contacted A Y & J Solicitors and spoke to Yash. He thoroughly inquired about my case history and within no time came up with a solution to aid me with my entry clearance. He was as honest and as sincere as can be. I was so pleased with his quick response and assurance that I decided to appoint A Y & J Solicitors as my legal advisors. Diana spent hours on end going through my application making sure everything was perfect, and that not a single detail was left out. She is a perfectionist. Many a times she would stay back after her normal working hours just to go through everything with me in detail making sure we had everything in place for my application. I applied and got a successful outcome. I am now back in the UK and would highly recommend A Y & J Solicitors for all immigration matters including tier 1 entrepreneur visas

I thank A Y & J Solicitors and its entire team for handling my Tier 1 Entrepreneur Extension application .From day one their advise and guidance enabled me to meet the requirements exactly as asked UKBA. I found them to be very professional and well informed to the latest development of immigration rules. Special thanks to Ms.Diana and Mr. Yash for their commendable approach which resulted in Extension Granted within a week I look forward for their services in future as and when I will need. Bharat Patel

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