Get Sponsor Licence Application Guidance To Employ Skilled Worker Migrants From Overseas

We have served 4000+ clients for various immigration matters. Our team is ready to assist with obtaining your licence quickly, making skilled worker visa applications and taking complete care of ongoing compliance.

  • Get clarity on sponsorship licences for employers
  • Simplify the process of sponsoring skilled workers
  • Attract top talent to help your business grow

Do I Need a Sponsor Licence?

A sponsor licence is a legal necessity as a UK business if you want to recruit skilled labour from outside the UK under skilled worker route. Hiring even a single employee from one of these countries without a right to work can result in a huge fine and even a prison sentence.

Having a sponsor licence opens up the doors to your business, allowing you to attract top talent, launch innovative projects, and grow your business.

To apply for a sponsor licence your organisation must provide proof of the following:

  • It is a legally operating business in the UK.
  • Key personnel have been appointed, and they are of good character and dependable.
  • Your HR systems can manage all sponsorship duties.
  • Your business is offering employment suitable for skill requirements, which are genuine and meet minimum salary guidelines.

When you book a free consultation with us, we can clarify each of these points with you to ensure you’re eligible.

Should I Apply for the Licence Myself?

Sponsor licence applications aren’t as simple as filling out a form.

There’s no room for error when proving that you’re eligible. You’ll need to assign critical roles within your organisation for an authorising officer, key contact (your main point of contact with UKVI) and a level 1 user (responsible for the day-to-day management of your licence using the SMS). And you’ll have to be fully prepared for the Home Office inspection visit at any time.

If you get it wrong, your application may be disapproved, and you may not be able to apply again for 6 months. This can be disastrous for your business expansion plans.

The Home Office is becoming increasingly strict about compliance, and we regularly hear from companies who have tried applying for themselves and failed.

Why Use A Y & J Solicitors to Get a Sponsor Licence?

Sponsor licences are what we do. We’ve helped countless companies obtain a licence, and have 1,000s of 5-star reviews from clients.

We’ll take care of as much of the process for you as possible, from start to finish, including:

  • If instructed, assign one of the members of our team to the key contact and level 1 user roles, saving you from stressful, time-consuming work.
  • Showing you exactly what proof to gather, based on what you have available.
  • Processing all documents and putting together your application.
  • Completing human resources checks and audits in preparation for compliance.
  • Explaining all of the Home Office’s rules and regulations in simple terms.
  • Supporting and guiding you in preparation for a Home Office inspection visit.
  • Keeping you up to date with any changes to relevant regulations.

If you’re planning on applying for a sponsor licence, schedule a free consultation via the booking calendar above, or request a call back via the chat box at the bottom right corner of this page.

We’ll provide you with all the information you need to know to decide whether to work with us, without obligation.

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