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British citizenship fees

How Much Does UK British Citizenship Cost?

Feb 12, 2024
Last Updated on May 21, 2024

The benefits of British citizenship are well-documented. As a British citizen, you’ll have access to the world, with 152 countries welcoming you without a visa.

You’ll also have access to the National Health Service (NHS) , one of the most advanced social healthcare systems in the world. There’s no denying that British citizenship is valuable, but there are also costs associated with this journey.

Before applying for British citizenship, it’s important to be aware of the associated costs and fees. We recommend making sure you have enough to cover the entire cost of your British citizenship application before you begin.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the costs you can expect to encounter on your journey to British citizenship.

Navigating British citizenship fees

There are multiple paths to British citizenship, and the fees that you pay will all depend on the route that you take. The most common route is British citizenship by naturalisation, which costs £1,500 from the 4th October 2023.

Naturalisation for citizens from British overseas territories costs £1,000. 

To register British citizenship for an adult, the cost will be £1,351 from the 4th October 2023, whereas children will need to pay £1,214.

The full breakdown of fees associated with British citizenship applications can be found below. We have included the old prices in addition to the new fees valid from the 4th October 2023.

Application typeOld feeFee from 4th October 2023
Naturalisation (British citizenship)£1,250£1,580
Naturalisation British overseas territory citizens£1,000£1,000
Registration – Adult£1,126£1,351
Registration – Child£1,012£1,214
Citizenship ceremony£80£80
The administration of a citizenship oath£5£5
Adults nationality registration for British overseas territory citizen, British overseas citizens, British Subjects or British protected persons£901£901
Child nationality registration for British overseas territory citizen, British overseas citizens, British Subjects or British protected persons£810£810
Renunciation of nationality£372£372
Application for a certificate of entitlement to the right of abode in the UK£372£372
Nationality review£372£372
Status Letter£250£250
Non-acquisition Letter£250£250
Nationality correction to certificate£250£250
Nationality – supply of a certified copy of a notice, certificate, order or declaration£250£250
Nationality reissued Certificate£250£250

For the vast majority of applicants, the only costs that will be payable on their application will be the application fee. Applications for naturalisation include the ceremony fee and the biometric information collection fee. For those applying for British citizenship by registration, these fees are not relevant. 

During the naturalisation application, if your biometric information is not collected, your application will be considered incomplete and rejected. Your application fee will be refunded, minus an administration fee of £25.

Additional expenses to consider

Before you can submit your application, you may need to prove your knowledge of English with a recognised English language test. This can only be completed at a recognised test centre. This will usually cost around £150 for the test. If you fail this test, you will need to pay the fee again to resit the test.

Another fee to take into consideration is the Life In The UK test. This test is designed to show that you have a good understanding of British history, culture and etiquette. This test costs £50. If you fail this test, you will need to pay the fee every time you resit the test.

You might also need to pay for an appointment to collect your biometric data. This cost can vary from £0 – £300, depending on the time and centre you choose to have your appointment.

If you have indefinite leave to remain and have completed the English language requirement and the life in the UK test, you won’t need to complete these again.

If you submit an application for naturalisation for a child and they turn 18 before you receive a decision, you will then need to pay for the citizenship ceremony fee. This fee won’t be due until the child turns 18.

Legal guidance for British citizenship applications

There is no legal right to an appeal for a British citizenship application. All you can do is ask for UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) to review your application if you believe they have not correctly applied the law to your case, or if you suspect your caseworker has made a mistake.

With limited scope for appealing in the event you make a mistake on your application, it makes sense to secure expert advice before submitting your application. This is why many applicants choose to seek legal guidance on their applications.

Good legal advice can help to remove any possibility of doubt in your application, helping to signpost everything clearly for your caseworker. This can help to speed up the application processing time and reduce the chances that your application will be rejected.

Additional fees to consider

One category of fees that will often catch applicants off guard is the cost of translating original documents. If any of your evidence documents are not in English or Welsh, you will need to pay for a certified translation. The cost of this can quickly add up if you aren’t expecting to have to pay this for every document you provide.

Taking the English language test and the Life in the UK test multiple times will also increase the overall cost of your application. This can happen if you are unprepared for the test and assume that you can pass these tests without preparation. Try taking practice tests online to determine when you are ready to take these important tests. This will help to keep the overall cost down.

You should also pay close attention to whether or not you even need to take these tests. If you have completed them for another application, you may not need to take these tests again.

Who is exempt from British citizenship charges?

If you are applying for British citizenship by registration, there is a chance you could be eligible for a fee waiver. The following are the instances when the British citizenship fees will not be applicable:

  • Registration of a child under the age of 18
  • Registration as a British citizen for a stateless person
  • Registration as a British citizen if you were born in the UK on or after the 1st January 1983 and lived here until you were 10 years old
  • Registration as a British citizen if you are a British Overseas citizen, British subject, British protected person, or British National (Overseas) and have no other citizenship or nationality
  • Registration as a British citizen if you are a British Overseas Territories citizen, a British Overseas citizen, a British protected person, a British subject or a British National (Overseas)
  • Registration as a British Citizen through residence in Hong Kong before 1997 (paper applications only)

You need to apply for your fee waiver before you submit your British citizenship application. If you are granted a fee waiver, you will be given a token to submit with your application in lieu of payment.

Fee waiver tokens are non transferable and can only be used by the original applicant. To be eligible for the fee waiver, you need to demonstrate why you are unable to afford the full application fee. In the case of a child’s application, you might need to demonstrate how paying the fee would be detrimental to the child’s wellbeing.

How to plan for unexpected citizenship expenses

If you are not eligible for the fee waiver, you will need to be prepared to pay the full fee at the time of the application. You will not be able to submit your application until the full fee has been paid.

To help avoid any delays to your application, it’s a good idea to let your bank know that you will be making a large transaction prior to submitting your application. It’s not uncommon for banks to reverse the payment if this triggers a fraud alert. If this happens, it could delay and derail your application. 

For example, if you are unaware of the fee reversal and UKVI is unable to contact you for any reason, your application would be rejected. While this won’t cost you any money, since the application fee has not been submitted, it could result in your application taking a lot longer than it needs to.

Understanding the application process is the best way to avoid unexpected fees. If you are struggling with any aspect of the application, it’s helpful to seek out expert advice. This can help you to avoid unexpected fees.

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