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Global Talent Visa UK

Global Talent Visa UK Vs. Global Talent Stream Canada

Sep 08, 2020
Last Updated on May 21, 2024

Rightly said by Kathrine Switzer-“Talent is everywhere but the opportunity is not.” But there are countries like the UK and Canada that offer the best opportunities for the brightest talent across the globe. These countries offer the best immigration routes that are designed to attract global leaders and the leaders of tomorrow. 

Global Talent Visa (GTV)  is one of the pathways by the UK Government that has replaced Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) Visa on 20th February 2020 and expanded the existing routes by allowing qualified foreign nationals to enter and work in the United Kingdom. Similarly, Global Talent Stream Canada is a part of Canada’s Global Skills Strategy, which facilitates faster entry into Canada for highly-skilled foreign nationals. The programme came into force on 12th June 2017. 

Both the countries are always on the radar as far as skilled foreign nationals are concerned but there entail several differences in the immigration routes which applicants must consider before making an application. 

Global Talent Visa 

The Global Talent Visa enables successful applicants to work in the UK for up to five years as a leader or potential leaders in one of the fields of academia or research, arts and culture, and digital technology without a sponsor or entry requirements. However, the applicants must get an endorsement from one of the six endorsing bodies who will be responsible for assessing the applications. The endorsing bodies are The Royal Society (for Science and Medicine), The British Academy (for humanities), the Royal Academy of Engineering (for engineering), Arts Council England (for Art and Council), Tech Nation (for Digital Technology), and UK research and Innovation (for Research applicants). 

How does Global Talent Visa Work?

The UK Government has always taken the initiative to enrich the UK’s knowledge and economy. The Global Talent Visa is one of the initiatives to attract highly skilled individuals with specialised skills in Science, engineering, humanities, digital technology, and the arts (including film, fashion, architecture, and design). This immigration route involves two stages of the application. Stage 1 involves sending the endorsement decision by the endorsing body to the Home Office. The next stage involves immigration application where the Home Office will assess immigration aspects, for instance, whether the general grounds for refusal apply. 

Processing time 

The processing time of Global Talent Visa can vary as much as 8 weeks. However, an applicant can expect a faster decision if he or she is employed in an approved UK research Organisation. 


The visa application of Global Talent costs £152 or £97 if the applicant is from Turkey or North Macedonia. The applicant can include dependents on the same application form, depending upon their eligibility. There’s an additional cost of £608 for each dependent. The applicant must pay the healthcare surcharge as a considerable part of the visa application. 

Global Talent Stream Canada 

The Global Talent Stream (GTS) Canada allows Canadian employers to expedite the hiring of foreign nationals to fill specialised roles or positions when Canadian citizens could not fill the specific occupations. A Canadian must fit one of the two categories of Designated Partner Referral and In-Demand Occupation before getting started with the GTS application. 

How does Global Talent Stream work?

GTS has been one of the multiple ways in which Canada attracts skilled foreign nationals to contribute to the country economically. However, the applicant cannot apply directly to the immigration route of GTS. Only a Canadian worker can apply for GTS and invite the skilled foreign nationals they wish to employ under this route. If you are an applicant and wish to work in Canada, you must land a job from a Canadian employer who qualifies for the program. 

There are two GTS categories under which a Canadian employer can apply. Designated Partner Referral is for employers who have been referred by designated partners of the GTS and who are hiring specialised talent from overseas. Category B is an in-demand Occupation for the positions mentioned on the Global Talent Occupation List. 

The applicant must check if the role or position satisfies the definition of “unique and specialised talent” or if the occupation comes under the Global Talent Occupations List. 

Processing Time 

GTS applications are processed in 10 business days. As soon as an application is successful, the employer will get a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment which will allow the skilled foreign migrant to apply for a work permit. Work permit applications will further take 10 business days to qualify for expedited processing. 


The applicant must pay $1000 for each role under the Global Talent Stream in order to cover the stream of the processing of the GTS application. 

What makes Global Talent Visa a better alternative?

Like the Canadian Government, the Home office has been consistently trying to improve the UK’s attractiveness to hire highly skilled individuals. However, there are many benefits associated with the UK Global Talent Visa, which makes it unbeatable when compared with other countries’ immigration routes. 

  • The Global Talent Visa offers flexibility to change roles and employ organisations without notifying the Home Office. 
  • Successful applicants can enter self-employment and can earn extra income from consultancy or other sources relevant to the qualifying field. 
  • Under the current system, there is no cap on the number of visas granted under the visa category.
  • This immigration route also offers individuals and their dependents to establish a long-term connection to the UK, for instance, a fast-track to settlement after three years for the main applicant. 
  • This route is primarily a work route; however, applicants can study a specific discipline after obtaining an Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) certificate. 

The Verdict 

For decades the UK and Canada have been regarded as immigration-friendly countries. However, the UK is all set to introduce a single and global immigration system from 1st January 2021, which will be a fair system where every part of the world will be treated equally. So, make yourself globally competent in the UK with the best opportunities and flexible arrangements of employment. 

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