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5 Out of 5 Star
NithinKumar Thota and Ajitha Thota gave A Y & J Solicitors 5 stars via @Trustpilot
ILR (LR) success and FLR(M)

Hello. If you are struggling with any immigration issues, I can strongly recommend A Y & J Solicitors. One phone call we made to them on Jan 2018 has changed our lives. We thought of going back to India when we got a refusal for ILR, it was due to a tax amendment, but after speaking to Yash, they provided with a best option in making a fresh application. Took over our case in the last week of January and with in 5 months we got the result. We will never forget the mental stress we have gone through ,as the first application we made was in September 2016 and after waiting for 1.5 years got a refusal. That is when we found A Y & J Solicitors. We can’t thank enough AY & J for the support, assurance, value and respect they give to the clients. We dealt with Yash, Waleed, Zareen and Sok Wei regarding our case. All the team of A Y & J Solicitors are very good at the communication and I have seen the clear difference of this after we moved to them from our previous solicitors. I would like to request all the readers: please guys if you are struggling with any immigration issues, please give them a call. They will give you a straight answer on analysing the case. I know how hard it is to cope up with the stress in immigration issues. Would definitely recommend them. I hope they succeed in all the future cases and see much more success.

5 Out of 5 Star
Tarun Mathankar gave A Y & J Solicitors 5 stars via @Trustpilot
Highly Recommended

My experience with A Y & J Solicitors was really good. Very detailed and knowledgeable. All my questions were answered on time. They are very approachable and friendly. I would highly recommend them – it may be very simple query or a very complex case; you can trust them.


5 Out of 5 Star
Rajiv Mathur gave A Y & J Solicitors 5 stars via @Trustpilot
Great Service

Great Service
We are glad that we have been connected with Diana in A Y & J. She is attentional to detail, helpful and guide you throughout the process to get the things done appropriately.
I will highly recommend A Y & J to anybody who needs expert advice in immigration matters.

5 Out of 5 Star
Kulwinder Kaur Benipal gave A Y & J Solicitors 5 stars via @Trustpilot
I highly recommend A Y & J Solicitors…

I highly recommend A Y & J Solicitors especially to those who have complications in their immigration case. I would like to thank Yash Dubal, Sok Wei and Waleed for looking after my case. We could not have got through this issue without them. We received amazing service. We really appreciate A Y & J Solicitors helping us to get our work permits. We are extremely grateful to A Y & J ‘s whole team.

5 Out of 5 Star
Aashita Chaddha gave A Y & J Solicitors 5 stars via @Trustpilot
Administration Review successful

Hi I am so glad i contacted A Y & J Solicitor when home office refused my ILR on the basis that I had submited my self assessment for 2010-11 late. Diana went through each and every minute details with me over the case and gave me confidence that there is a good chance of my administration review to succeed and i should appeal for it. Thank god I did and my admin review was successful. It was a great reliefe and definitely recommend them.

5 Out of 5 Star
Syed Amjad gave A Y & J Solicitors 5 stars via @Trustpilot
Suspension and Reinstatement of Tier 2 License

Our firm had a inspection from Home Office and we have had some discrepancies in our general administrative records. Nothing that cannot be resolved so we thought that we will get away with a warning. However, the HO decided to suspend our license after 4-5 months of wait. We then approached AY & J Solicitors and they looked into our case and after that we realised the situation was worse than we thought. We had all the documentation in hand but just needed to put them in order and there were so much work that had to be done to put everything in order. We were only given couple of weeks from HO to make an appeal or else our license would have been revoked. Ms Diana at AY & J Solicitors really helped us all the way from the beginning until we submitted all the evidences to HO. I am extremely thankful for their services. We got the result and our license was reinstated. Without the assistance from AY & J Solicitors team, we would have lost our license. They knew exactly what needed to be done and I will be more than happy to recommend them to all our clients seeking immigration services. Thank you Yash and Diana for your services.

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