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A Y & J Solicitors Corporate Immigration Team Wins Relocate Award: Immigration Team of the Year 2018

May 14, 2018
Last Updated on May 23, 2024

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As the winners of the Relocate Award 2018 for Immigration Team of the Year, A Y & J Solicitors have been recognized for their hard work and dedication in meeting the legal immigration needs of corporations with a commitment to service, excellence, and results. Relocate Global—the awarding body – is the top publisher in the global relocation industry and a trusted resource for companies requiring global relocation services.

Within such a strong field of contenders, this award is an acknowledgement of the dedication that the team gives to each UK business facing the challenges of operating within stringent UK immigration law.

A Y & J Solicitors is a London-based SRA regulated law firm where the Director and Senior Immigration Caseworker Yash Dubal leads a highly qualified team of UK corporate immigration law experts. The firm has been accepting challenges and delivering results to a record number of clients in the past year, experiencing exponential growth. They have been instrumental in helping foreign businesses successfully relocate to the United Kingdom and assisting UK businesses in hiring and retaining critically needed skilled foreign workers.

Consistent five-star ratings and testimonials from clients show the impact the firm has had in meeting immigration challenges for all areas of UK corporate immigration including Sponsor Licence applications, appeals, renewals, compliance with UKVI, civil penalty appeals, Right to Work checks, and complex Appeals and Judicial Reviews.

A Y & J Solicitors uses a bespoke, individual approach with each client. The team works diligently to understand what clients need and how best to meet these needs. From companies with large HR teams dealing with constant relocation demands to a single individual, unique relocation needs are addressed in the most efficient and effective manner. Every member of the relocation team takes a positive and friendly approach to their work. Whether a client is speaking to the director, an associate, or the person answering an email query, they are treated with the utmost respect and approach ability.

The firm is uniquely poised to meet the challenges corporations face under less-than-ideal government immigration policies. These are real companies facing extreme challenges in meeting their staffing needs. A Y & J Solicitors works alongside HR teams to create solutions that allow them to legally meet their staffing requirements. Even when companies have faced refusals, suspensions, or revocations from UKVI, successful interventions create sustainable, compliant, long-term solutions that allow companies to meet staffing needs, comply with government regulations, and successfully navigate the convoluted channels of changing policies.

Within the UK, there are often skilled employees who have come from other countries to contribute to the ongoing success of the business but are being denied Indefinite Leave to Remain due to minor discrepancies or misunderstandings. The immigration team uses their expertise and years of experience dealing with Home Office to address these challenges – providing solutions for corporations relying on these skilled workers, and the workers seeking security and a lawful position in the UK.

The day-to-day compliance challenges facing Sponsors require a unique and detailed understanding of immigration law. A Y & J Solicitors has become a trusted resource and partner for many Sponsors who have either faced the past threat of civil penalties, suspensions, and revocations or who wish to avoid such business-critical attacks. From managing Sponsor Licence Management Systems to ensuring Resident Labor Market Checks and Right to Work checks are done in a compliant, cost-effective manner, partnerships with HR teams are giving them the confidence to maintain compliance and continue to attract top talent from across the globe without fear of running afoul of Home Office.

Companies across all industries are facing the need for foreign skilled workers that is complicated by the Home Office’s mandate to ‘reduce migration’. In particular, IT, healthcare, e-commerce, and STEM-based professions are dealing with excessive challenges that require expert intervention. One IT company who had operated as a compliant sponsor for years recently received a licence suspension letter after a UKVI inspection visit, threatening their entire skilled foreign workforce and the company’s ability to keep its doors open. A Y & J Solicitors intervened and filed a detailed response to the extensive allegations, including documentation, evidence of compliance, and a full legal analysis of the audit’s conclusions. All this was done within the 20 days required for a response to such issues. The result was a full reinstating of the company’s Tier 2 Sponsor Licence with an ‘A’ rating, and the protection of both the business and the foreign workers supporting the business.

In many cases, team members work with Sponsors to prepare in advance for the Home Office inspection visit. These pre-audit compliance checks often reveal critical errors or missing policies by well-intentioned Sponsors that could lead to severe consequences from Home Office. The compliance team thoroughly evaluates all areas and then provides the company with both the information and the practical interventions required to become compliant. This type of preventative approach has protected scores of companies from the threat of suspensions and revocations and given HR teams the confidence to recruit and retain the right employees for any position, regardless of their origin.

The corporate immigration team works on a foundation of core values that guides their approach to client services. Honesty, passion, and excellent customer services are coupled with compassion, caring, proficiency, and humbleness to create an environment where every client is treated with value and respect, and every case is treated with the utmost professionalism and expertise. The staff never lose sight of the fact that behind each case are individuals facing life-changing circumstances.

A Y & J Solicitors is honored to receive the Relocate Award 2018 for Immigration Team of the Year and will continue to passionately meet the immigration needs of businesses with experience, expertise, and excellent customer service.

Disclaimer: No material/information provided on this website should be construed as legal advice. Readers should seek an appropriate professional advice for their immigration matters.

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