How can my spouse/partner join me in the UK?

Here is what you need to know before applying for a spouse visa

The Sponsor must already live in the UK and considered to be present and settled such as having Indefinite Leave to Remain or British citizenship; The Sponsor and his/her spouse must be over 18 years of age, and either legally married or cohabiting for more than two years and must not be within a prohibited degree of relationship; The marriage or relationship must be genuine and subsisting; The Sponsor must be able to show that he is earning a minimum gross income of £18,600 per annum; The Sponsor must be able to show that there is adequate accommodation for both of you in the UK where you will be living together; The Applicant must prove English proficiency before applying for a spouse visa;

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    Immigration Solicitors UK Spouse Visa
    UK Spouse Visa Application

    Requirements including Genuine & Subsisting relationship.

    Requirements for Applying UK Spouse Visa

    We are a specialised UK immigration law firm.

    Today I want to talk to you about the UK Spouse Visa.

    If you’re married, it’s only natural, you as a couple wanting to live together in the same country. But sometimes the Home Office gets in the way of acquiring a spouse visa.

    The first step is to make sure that the sponsoring spouse is living in the UK either with a settlement or British Citizenship. The next challenge is often the financial requirement under appendix fm. One of the option of meeting this requirement is by showing The sponsoring partner earning a minimum of 18,600 pounds annually. Even though the spouse can work in the UK when they arrive on a spouse visa, this income criteria must be met to apply.

    You must both be over 18 years of age, and legally married or have been in a civil partnership for more than 2 years. You need to show in your application that you have adequate accommodation and you will be living together. You also need to prove English proficiency if you do not come from a country where English is the primary language. This can be proven with a degree that was taught in English or by passing an approved English language test. All documents and certificates need to be in English or translated into English by a certified translator.

    Keep in mind that Home Office will scrutinise your application carefully, make sure you have all the documents required, either originals or certified copies. You should also include documents to demonstrate your genuine and subsisting relationship.

    Once your spouse visa is approved you can live, work and study in the UK, and travel in and out of the U.K. throughout the visa duration. The visa is valid for 2 years and 9 months. You can then apply for an extension of 2 years and 6 months which will allow you to reach the 5-year residency requirement to apply for Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) or settlement. You could then also qualify British Citizenship.

    The spouse visa application is challenging due to its strict requirement. We’re experienced in submitting successful spouse visa applications, and we love it when we can help bring people together. If you would like us to help, please get in touch. Our contact details are at the bottom of this video. Thank you for watching.

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